Improvement Ideas!
  • Post any improvement ideas you have here for the game. Who knows, They may very well use it.
  • Back when i was scripting for a online game server we made a jail that you could not be broken free from, and would have to spend your time there depending on the rules that were broken.
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    U can still be bailed out though so either way u can still get out. If that's taken u run a risk of losing players do to the amount of time some of the crimes require you to spend in jail. Bust or break out is a pretty cool feature. 10 energy to possibly bust out a person in jail regardless of bail cost is good.
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    Here is one. A medal progress page, basically a page that gives u a stat as to how many more of ex. Proposals you have to do to reach 100 proposals. Cause u can be at 67 cripples and not know how much more u need to do to achieve that medal. Also an in game calculator would be nice. More flowers per hour, specialties etc. the player base is increasing but product amounts are staying the same. When WC opens to Android it's going to be hectic and can cost u players as well.
  • It would be a separate jail/room for rule breakers rather than crime attempts. I am currently working on a medal list. Another idea would be a trade merchant for players. Like stalls only the hold items being traded between players to limit scams
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    Yeah that would be good prevent scamming.
  • Why not set up a broker shop to make transactions.
  • A mini game to play on the plane?
  • For your Jail idea, could a court house be made and having the law class or such improve the odds of getting out.
  • Sparring against family members? To get a feeling for the weapons and stats
  • poker for the casino
  • Beat
    Forums in game for everyone and family only. Warehouse available at family controlled city. Time and date stamp on wild mart sales that reflects when product was places in stall.
  • There's some good stuff here.
  • Search option in hospital
  • Pets or guardians as an equipment option
  • , 's

    As in $1,200,000,000 instead of $1200000000
  • What do we know know about the stock building and how it will function?
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    That sounds like Life is Crime. An in game time stamp somewhere on the map. Shadow boxing where you have a chance to fight urself after hitting the gym to see how much of an improvement the workout was.
  • A way to tell if someone has a sub account!!!
  • Investing in stocks like people do in real life and a actual building u can go in for ur house
  • Mini games when traveling,
  • More armor and wepons
  • More jobs and crimes
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    Fight notifications, Email notifications.
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    Flight cancel or a choice to parachute out a plane. If u cancel flight maybe just lose double the cash.
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    A quit option for bodyguard. Just have to payback cash
  • Put a game clock on home screen
  • Ability to pay a fee to ship items back to ur warehouse so we don't have to fly back to wc
  • Andrew
    All good guys. We have been looking over these! Thanks a lot. Keep them coming.
  • Fix the blackjack rules. There is NO REASON dealer should win when I have a blackjack...

    Also prevent the auto bet doubling that occurs. The current blackjack setup seems rigged.
  • A profile button in the flight area would be nice. A first class flight chat would be nice. Possible pay $100k per flight to join it or $500k for an all day pass.
  • Fix the music bug that pauses music when you load the wild city application.
    Temp fix for everyone: double tap home (multitask screen) then swipe over and hit play from there. (iOS only)
  • After a family war, it would be nice to have the stats page for the opposing fam as well. IE: player name - respect earned this war - total respect earned.
  • Add an option in the Blackjack and Slots screen to increase bet by +10000.

    A +100000 would be convenient as well.
  • Have modifications to a property add value to your property leaderboard rank.
  • A 1 day rental option for islands exclusively. This will be quite convenient for many.
  • Ability to wire items to a player in another city for $1m per item sent. This way players stuck in the hospital overseas have some hope as far as recovering much quicker, at a price.
  • With the amount of new players and players catching on to money making secrets (thanks spotts), possibly restock x100 flowers per hour and x750-1000 specialties per hour OR have two restocks per hour at x50 and x500 respectively.
  • Purchase a parachute. While on a flight you can have the option of purchasing a chute for the destination city, random city or previous city. Keep stalkers on their toes.
  • I agree with alot of whats on here..i def want mini games for plane rides or for the work out in the gym to actually maybe in a percentage format exactly how much stronger you are..bigger jackpots in the casino but above all else more mini games each city can have its own special game...las vegas ..boxing? Etc etc
  • There should be a bar! We have herbs so why not drinks, although you dont need to make it known they're alcoholic. The bar would be designed to keep the tension between players low during wars & the game overall.. atleast for a bit anyways. Basically a place to just chill & have fun. In The Bar there could be:

    •A separate chat to chat about anything (racism/prejudice & sexual comments limited/eliminated though)

    • A section where players can purchase drinks- although some would have a direct effect on weapon accuracy for a short amount of time, depending on the "alcoholic" content in them. They could maybe boost your courage points or crime rate efficiency for a little while, like Kava Cola, but at different levels as an up side.

    • The bar could have a couple of live mini games like pool to play with mates & to make the most out of the online experience of the game.

    But yeah, just a little space in-game to chill out in and have a drink or maybe even to meet a potential spouse!

  • How about removing every single thing from this update except the new weapons/vehicles......ESPECIALLY the detoxing and losing over 1k energy...
  • heroshi
    secure trade option to allow player to player bartering of items (one item for another) without exchange of cash and to avoid risk of scams
    Thanked by 1dimasads
  • heroshi
    The daily upkeep of buildings should be taken from bank account if the player doesn't have enough money on their person. This will also avoid people getting robbed of their rent money and is more realistic.

    Today I hit a really annoying bug after update. I deposited all my money in the bank (few million), then immediately withdrew 200K. as soon as I exited the bank screen, I got a notification that I was kicked off my island because I didn't have enough cash. Cash in pocket was only 0 for 1 second, and it's too much coincidence that the game decided to do upkeep right then.
  • heroshi
    Add a (block player) button right in the email message instead of having to open the profile and add as an enemy
  • heroshi
    money from stall trade goes directly to bank instead of to player pocket when the player is offline to avoid scams where people wait until someone is offline, buy the item from them and then attack them and steal the money too.
  • heroshi
    for iphone/ipad, add notification when energy and courage are full, and add landscape option for ipad
  • heroshi
    most annoying feature of all in the interface is the fight club. I'm level 49, and when I open the fight club, it opens at level 44 and I have to spend 10 minutes scrolling down to reach players my level. If I don't do that the game deducts morality which kills my stats. Is this intentional ? I mean all that scrolling down is making a lot of hits on the server which are unnecessary. Also it would be nice if the fight button is a different color if the attack will be immoral and cause morality to drop since I can't figure out the criteria, I've attacked people of the same level and still had morality go down.
  • heroshi
    When opening wildmart and a type of merchandise (for example zeplins) where no one is selling any, add option for say 10K cash to be notified when an item is on sale there

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