Improvement Ideas!
  • Marine said:

    I have poor luck so lottery doesn't sounds good to my ears lol

    You and me both lol

    Bad luck rocks ;)
  • Why don't we make the event activities more interesting then just killing some lvl 20 bosses too many times
    Something like a war or fighting competition among peoples would be better
    And for the war or fighting competition peoples should be decided in groups according to their levels so that we can get more winners and since everyone would be close according to level then their stats won't matter much
    and there can be consolidation prize for those who lose ;)
    And also some peoples would HAVE TO lose cuz its an online game and competition always upset some peoples
  • CakeCake
    The fighting other players are events called death match, dog tags and chaining.
    Level doesn't matter. Stats do. I know people level 100+ who get beat by level 60's.
    I don't think everyone who participates should get prizes. I'm completely fine with top 3-10 getting prizes.
  • I am talking about activities which occur on rl events like new year event Australia day event
    And I said that too
    In competition someone would HAVE to lose
    And many winners in sense cuz if un these events there would be only 3 winners then we wont get rare armours and weapons in good quantity
  • CakeCake
    Why would you want an energy consuming fighting event when events like new years and Australia day consume energy to get the items?
  • I am not asking to change the activity items I am asking to change the way of events making I a bit different cuz just fighting with just a lvl 20 boss I not much interesting
  • And I was just giving example the main thing I am asking for a change
    Just like there was one on Christmas but Christmas event didn't had weapons and armours
  • CakeCake
    All you're doing is robbing collection items to get gear. How else do you think that should be gone about?
  • CakeCake
    When Christmas event came out majority of the people were upset it didnt come out with gear. They wouldn't even listen to me when I said New Year was the collection event. Changing that now after a year and a half would be hard on a lot of people. They make quick cash selling those pieces.
  • It can be a warehouse activity like there was in Christmas but the items should be converted into gears not just pallas and also those 500 energy items 300% boost item and gift box
  • CakeCake
    Yes but you couldn't sell the cards you got. People would not be happy.
  • Makers can change it
  • CakeCake
    But it cost 1mill to go in after your free ones. When you only come out with 0-10 cards you'll never even break even on cash.
  • The amount of items required should be adjusted according to the price and availability of that item
  • I know you are saying that getting those cards won't be much easier like it is to get collection items so makers can make it to only 500 items require to get the gear or can make it even less if required
  • CakeCake
    I think this is just why it costs 10 or 20 energy to get one collection item. No real money goes into getting them.
  • 500k = 30 items with 10 energy required and 15 items of 20 energy required
  • And if using checks then on s2 of windows platform
    3,500,000 for 5 gem sets = 500 checks = 200-270 energy (with a day vip worth 4mil)
  • Lovinator said:

    Make a button in the manor which allows the family boss, underboss and maybe advisors, to send out the same message to all members of the family, in one go. And have this as a wild city notification. This is useful to round up the family for a surprise war or attack.

    Actually, notifications need a serious rethinking. Sometimes I put the phone away and my fam members message me through WhatsApp to notify me of the issues in game.

    WHY NOT notify straight through application?
  • Foolie said:

    u guys should make different kind of rings for married couples that gives an extra boost or just for fun and put a display so we can show the ring off

    Nice Idea. Folks will like it.
  • Could do a button/switch in settings to turn off fam invited, I for one used to be solo player and it really annoyed me keep getting fam invites, there should but a way of turning them off
  • Clyde said:

    How about a private chat. Not email but somewhat like family or flight chat where you could add another tab and invite all the people you want to chat with without having to be in the same family, flight, or global so others can not see your chat. Could be useful.

    Also a money to gold conversation in the bank. The conversation rate changes periodically.

    Such feature could be extremely beneficial, especially for family HQ, where some high ranked members wanna talk about family issues.

    You could set price on private chat room channels, like $100k for an hour. This would make ppl use such chat rooms only when necessary.
  • Ace said:

    It would be nice if, when we look in our warehouse, we were able to organize it, maybe a couple of options like 'sort by type' (crystals, flowers etc) so we can find the same things of the same types easier, or perhaps just sorting Alphabetically would be nice too.

    There is filter for organizing warehouse.
    B U T what about a permanently customizable filtering+ordering feature.

    Every time visiting my warehouse I see lots of stuff at the top of the list which I don't need that often. So I would have to scroll, either through items or through filters. :/


    I don't mean I am a scammer or I support them. I just say that scamming makes this game more real.

    Scamming is a nice byproduct of this game that gives a somewhat REAL TASTE to this game. This way, every time I wanna trade with someone, i would have to take care about scamming.
    In real life, gang members don't rely on the system to facilitate their trade. They bypass the system actually. Same is here.

    So to make a trade I have to either get help from a reputable player, or I would have to take the risk. If you don't like these ways, then just pay the tax for safe trading through your stall.

    This is wild city. Get along with it.

    I guess this has already been suggested. But why not being able to select a city as a capital for your family?

    This way, I think even problem with lagging could be handled in the game technical design. Besides all servers could be merged. Players would not have to gather in the same city, making it crowded in the wildmart.

    In real life, efficiency of a weapon decays over time. Why not put a similar feature in this game? Like with every fight, stat of the weapon/armor decreases by a small percent (%0.01 per fight). Then you could use some maintenance skills to decrease decaying rate of your weapon.

    Considering such feature, one would have to be careful about what weapon to use. Strong weapons for heavy fights and slingshot for small fights :))

    Do something about this. I hate having to change through different menus. And chat interface is yet another turn off. :((

    When someone is spamming or annoying others in the global AND an admin is not around, let the ppl decide to mute him/her by a majority vote. Of course, this vote could be reset every 5 or 10 minutes.
  • Marine said:

    Marine said:

    I have poor luck so lottery doesn't sounds good to my ears lol

    You and me both lol

    Bad luck rocks ;)

    I thought I was the only one. >_<<br />
  • Kighlue said:


    In real life, efficiency of a weapon decays over time. Why not put a similar feature in this game? Like with every fight, stat of the weapon/armor decreases by a small percent (%0.01 per fight). Then you could use some maintenance skills to decrease decaying rate of your weapon.

    Considering such feature, one would have to be careful about what weapon to use. Strong weapons for heavy fights and slingshot for small fights :))

    Actually I think it should be opposite with every fight you get more coordination with that weapon and you get more gmhabitual to it so its stat should increase lol
  • Yeah Marine, with every usage (winning a fight, depending on your opponent's levels/skills) your application skill with that weapon should increase. I agree. It's actually a perfect idea. After some time in the game you will be specialized in a specific weapon or class of weapons.

    Yet I strongly believe that this decaying attribute should be considered on weapons. So that players would have to be more selective when using weapons.
    You could refine your weapon by spending palla.
    You could reduce decaying rate with gaining skills.

    Now I am thinking about combining my own idea with that of yours. LIKE
  • But I wont like wasting billions on a weapon which would decay after some time lol and it would discourage peoples from fighting any wars to save their weapons from decaying
  • Of course ppl would gain skill with every fight. So that shan't be categorized as wasting money or energy. After all you wanna gain respect and you have to do fights. Therefore you should select the proper gear for a fight.

    C'mon Marine, it's a good idea. Support it. Combine the two ideas.
    Decaying weapons + weapons utilization skills

    Consider this example. I go to wildmart, wanna buy 80 roses, so I have to click every buy button and set number of items to 10 and finally make a purchase.

    Another example. I fly to a city, wanna fill my bag with an item from the mall. So I would have to (again) set number of items to the maximum and make the purchase.

    WHY DO I have to set the numbers to MAX every time (!?) while I more often want to buy as much as possible?
    HOW MANY TIMES have I wanted to buy just one item?
    Most users usually want to buy as many as possible.

    It would've been better if I, as the user, could set the default value for such actions. Right now all the count values are set default to 1. But I would like them to be set to max.
  • Weapon utilization + weapon deacaying = positive + negative = neutral lol so no need of messing with it
  • but that makes the game a little more sophisticated. which is what I love. it would require more brain cells to work. improve the positive while handling/mitigating the negative.
  • I wonder whether GAs ever read these!?
  • I agree with marine on this one
  • Why Are Not Hard Bargainer Skill Effects. On An Posting Add Or Flight Ticket Money.
  • CakeCake
  • Hard Bargainer Skills Leveling up Through Merits. it says Reduced System Price By 2%. But Its Not Reducing Posting Add Cost And Airplane Ticket Cost.
  • CakeCake
    Yes because families won cities. It puts on a tax that they collect each day.
  • Need a coaching chat it will be easy to teach mem...
  • That's what mail is for
  • But its tough to mail a men some new men. Dono about mail but chat is too easy
  • Just have to try easiest way
  • Actually there is already a new players chat and family chat is the best chat which teaches you
    And I think people reply on mails more than they reply on chat lol
  • Hmmmm ~_~
  • IWhy server 3 can't be on ios it sucks I have to start all over on a sucky server ios server really suck it should be where everyone can join and interact with each other no matter what phone is use
  • And it's just a bunch of non active players on the server never buy global is free spoken cause mod ever on

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