• freshfresh
    does anybody have a list of ALL the lessons and their benefits, as i cant see any of the advanced lessons until i have done intro, but i need to know what im studying for in the end
  • That's a good idea. Would like to know aswell
  • good idea, would be very useful for all.
  • all i know for happiness so far is:
    advanced mechanics - double happiness on special item
    advanced architecture - 20% happiness increase on all property modifications
  • Intensive Weightlifting - Increases chance of critical strike by 10%
    Intensive Swimming - Decreases chances of being critted by 10%
    Advanced Survivalism - Increases melee weapon proficiency by 10%
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  • advanced anthropology - reduces taxes paid by 2%
    advanced IT - increases computer crime profits by 10%
  • wanna bump this 1 up a lil bit, cos i still need to know
  • Law:
    Advanced -

    Advanced Economic Law - Increases crime money yield by 15%
    Advanced Civil Law - Increases crime exp yield by 15%
    Advanced Criminal Law - Reduces jailtime by 15%

    Military Science:

    Advanced Ballistics - Increases firearm proficiency by 10%
    Advanced Survivalism - Increases weapon proficiency by 10%
    Advanced Military Tactics - Increases HP while serving as a bodyguard by 10%


    Advanced Archaeology - Increases pawnshop crime success rate by 15%
    Advanced Anthropology - Reduces taxes paid by 2%


    Advanced IT - Increases computer crime profits by 10%
    Advanced Mechanics
    Advanced Architecture


    Intensive Swimming - Decreases chance of being critted by 10%
    Intensive Sprinting - Increases chance of being a stranger by 10%
    Intensive Sports - Decreases chance of being attacked by a stranger by 10%
  • thanks
  • No problem ^^

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