Fastest Route to Cities
  • I made this list to show the fastest way to get to every cite if you are starting from Wild City. Good to know if you are hunting for collectibles from different cites. If any faster routes are discovered, place comment below. Thanks!

    To Tokyo: Wild City -> Tokyo (20 Mins)
    To Cairo: Wild City –> Rome -> Cairo (60 Mins)
    To Amsterdam: Wild city –> Rome –> Cairo -> Amsterdam (70 Mins)
    To Rio: Wild City – Hong Kong -> Rio (35 Mins)
    To Las Vegas Wild City -> Las Vegas (5 mins)
    To London: Wild City –> Rome-> London (55 Mins)
    To Cape town: Wild City -> Hong Kong -> Cape Town (55 Mins)
    To Hong Kong: Wild City -> Hong Kong (15 Mins)
    To Rome: Wild City -> Rome (50 Mins)
    To Mexico: Wild City -> Mexico (25 Mins)
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  • CakeCake
    I'm assuming these are stock flight times. Meaning No frequent flyer skill or 3rd item. I'm having a hard time with wc>hk>Rio being 50mins. I can make it in 30with around level 8ff.
  • CakeCake
    Also you forgot Mexico.
  • Thanks for the Corrections Cake, I just updated this last. And yes, this is assuming no 3rd item and FF is lvl 0
  • CakeCake
    OK cool.
  • I have a restaurant Business License, how do I use it?
  • ArunArun
    Those licenses are for jobs in office . U cant really use them before u get to those respective jobs which require bussiness license . U can sell them in ur stall or if anyone else needs them . Or just keep one in case u need it in future when u get to that job ;)
  • For people who need fast routes, can add quicker ones, post to get front page ^_^
  • crzr said:

    I have a restaurant Business License, how do I use it?

    If you go to the Office and sign up for a Restaurant job this should be the right path. After 15-20 days of working in that line you should get an option to use the license for another job promotion.

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