• HarzHarz
    If There Would be A option to Rent
    Gun , Armour and Travel Items This will help us a lot.
  • Ya harzz its good idea but its not workout all members are rent out weapon and concentrate only in money making richest in game became more richest travel items for rent is good one
  • Maybe not an official feature in-game, but "borrowing" armor & weapon among family members is something that commonly happened I think.
    There's no money involved though, they merely borrowed armor/weapon for a certain period of time (eg. fam war, city war, chainning etc).

    I think armor/weapon/3rd equip rental can only works if the one renting them is the system. If the one renting the item is a player, he/she is pretty much in risk of getting scammed from irresponsible/dishonest player who rented their item.
    If an equipment rental system is available, it would only be fair if the rare items that are available for rent is the base version only, seeing as how having upgraded rare items are involving lots of efforts (in terms of time & money)...
  • CakeCake
    If its a rental there should be a way for the system to reclaim it at the deadline. If not then like you said another easy way for players to scam.
  • CakeCake
    I personally dont like the renting idea. I have family members I trust and gift my gear to whether for collo or to train. If there's something fam and I dont have, I do without. I.e a prodigy item just for example purposes.
  • Agreed Cake, a renting system seems unfair for other players who spent a lot either upgrading their own equipments or buying them from other players.
    But if a renting system did exist, at least it could follows on how the property renting system works, as you said, as soon as the deadline is on, the items will be instantly returned to their righteous owners.
  • a renting system does exist guys with the property it would be quite easy to do the same for other items
  • The Item renting system is a good idea.

    a renting system does exist guys with the property it would be quite easy to do the same for other items

    Something like that, or something similar to an auction house. When the property time is expired, the property is returned to the owner. It can be possible with weapons..
  • I think if you are able to rent equipment, it will lose its desirability. Instead of trying to save up for peacemaker, for example, people would just save up to rent. It in interesting concept that has the ability to boost cash flow between players yet will take incentive away from saving money, buying gold to spin the wheel for exclusive items, and collecting event items. Whilst I agree with the concept, I just think that it would take some vitality from the game.
  • CakeCake
    Especially since we have friends that will rent stuff to us anyway. Lol.
  • Same for private island and space station, those are still rentable though...
  • I think renting property is a way of earning back money after dishing out loads out for mods. I think equipment may be a step too far. :P

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