Some questions to understand playing this game :)
  • Hello Guys,

    I am new here in this game but i really want to ask some questions to understand more and to enjoy playing this interesting game :)

    1-whats the benefits of joining any family? do i get any cash or any prize when i contribute more in the family wars?
    2-whats the benefits of getting married?
    3-when there is nothing to do war for example ....what should i do?
    4-can i expand and increase the energy bar to be more than just 100 ? and the same question for the rest (courage-health) ?
    5-what is the best way to gain more money? is it to buy speciality and to re-sell them when the price is higher at any other city? or to sell the speciality in the stall?
    6-when i get caught and to be in prison?
    7-whats the benefits of the gym? just to increase the skills of attacking and defending ?
    8-how to change to gold to cash?
    9-whats the benefits of checks? and how can i use them ?
    10-is there any full clear guide for this game as not to ask you much more questions ? :)

    thx in advance for answering and clearing such points for me :)
  • 1) the main benefit of joining a family is that they can help you to learn the game, also you have family perks, which make you stronger, have more courage, more bag space and lower hospital time
    2) getting married means you can share a property with your spouse. the better the property the higher your happiness (happiness helps boost your stats while you are using the gym)
    3) when there is no war or chains, then you should earn money and stack energy for the gym
    4)energy bar can be raised through family skills, vip passes, and your own personal skills, courage goes up with personal level and health goes up when you gym on defence
    5)people make money different ways, there is specialty runs, nobody will buy from your stall though, or you could collect flower and gem sets (a set is 1 flower from each city)
    6) i dint understand what the question is here, but if you get caught doing crimes, you will be put in prison, other players can bail you out, or you will have to wait for the timer to run out
    7)the gym makes you a stronger player so you can win fights
    8)there is a shop icon in the bottom right corner of the screen, thats where you can trade gold
    9)checks are also in the shop under the section 'check items' and you will be able to use them on any of the items there
    10) there is a game wiki, but you could also get a coach in-game who will be happy to help you with any other questions

    hope this helps :D
  • Perfect Answer Fresh :)

    Thank you very very much man :) ;) 8-}
  • but i just have some little things to understand :-/ :\">

    1-where i can find the family perks? in which place in the game? how to reach it ?
    2-where can i find the family skills inside the game?
    3-why there will be no body to buy from my stall? and how to attract people to buy from my stall?
    4- are you kidding :) is there really a coach in-game ? :)

    i think you had got bored from these alot of questions but please bear me sometime :):)

    thx in advance man :)
  • 1)2) both of these questions are answered together, because fam perks and fam skills are the same thing, both are found in the manor of the family you join, or you could check the profile of somebody in that family before you join and it will tell you their familys perks
    3) i was saying nobody would buy the specialties from your stall, as they have no other use than to make a profit from the system. flowers, gems, weapons, armor and herbs will be bought from your stall, and you can advertise in global chat, flight chat and newspaper ads for people to buy your stall
    4) yes there really are in game coaches, they are long term players and they can earn medals from being your coach, then in turn, when you have more knowledge of the game, you can become a coach and help others who are new to the game and earn your own medals. you can find the coaching list in your phone on the right hand side of the screen.

    im not bored, just at work, so it takes some time for me to reply :)
  • CakeCake
    6) you can break yourself out of prison using 20 courage points. But you risk getting caught and doubling your sentence.
  • thank you very much Fresh :) u r a great helper and coach ;) thx alot once again for ur help man :)

    Cake ...thx for adding this new information to me :)

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