*** Gold Buying Problems?
  • Andrew
    Anyone with gold problems please forward your receipt to us at wildcity@anansimobile.com and include in the email:

    1. Your player profile id (long number found on game profile page, looks like 385618195)
    2. Which platform you play on (iOS/Android/Windows Phone 8)

    Thank you!
  • ArunArun
    Thanks Boss :x
  • Andy
    Hah nice :)
  • mestic
    Good : )
  • hoshoo
    Mestic amd arun please tell freindzz fam i lost my mobile i cant play game now

    sia king here
  • ArunArun
    Okay :)
  • I've had problems lately with paying by phone credit and getting error but no gold, I get billed but no gold ~_~
  • Just email off your receipt to the wildcity@anansimobile.com and they will credit your acct. The devs are working on figuring out the issues. Amazon server is notorious for gold buy lags. Happens to me 2 times a month lol
  • I cant no receipt I got no email saying I brought it lol
  • CakeCake
    Screen shot a copy of your billing statement that shows anansi purchase
  • *FacePalm* I cant do nothing, I don't ha e no billing or receipts, I just get error get billed and nothing happens, there's is no record of this so I cant do anything.
  • How do you know you got billed then?
  • I phoned up my service provider I had 0.79p less than what I did
  • Ahh.
  • hi i m new around i hope everyone will show me around xD
  • oh sorry wrong chat i thoght its general discussion O.O
  • Hahahah areej
  • krish
    hmmmmmmmmm ;)
  • Hello all :)
    I had a problem with merc buying a couple of weeks ago, I mailed admin but no reply yet, should I send an email or just wait?
    Have a great day \o/
  • ZoneZone
    If you've waited this long, it might be best go ahead and send an email. While I haven't heard of issues about mercs, I am sure the admin will be able to sort it out quickly. Need to remember, there are numerous players using the feedback button daily, so it can be a bit backed up.
    Best of luck! ^-^
  • krish
    If u have any problem or question related to merc approach any mod, so u get ur problem sorted out soon. Hope ur problem is sorted out
  • Email sent to admin, countless ingame mails. Nothing has been done.
  • Do you know how long it can take to credit
    Seems to be 9.99 for me that I lose. Ughh lol thanks guya
  • :)
  • Mods never help me :((
  • krish
    send email to "wildcity@anansimobile.com"
    1. Your player profile Id.
    2. which platform you play on. (iOS/Android/windows).

    and if u done this and still no response than its really disappointing :-/
  • I have written to that address and feedback in game I've still not received my gold I bought 9.99$ worth of gold during double gold event in entitled to 1400 gold..... Admin just give me my gold. Alien event will be ending soon then I will have to wait even longer to buy mantate do these people even care about there paying customers or what??? Grrr
  • Can rarely buy gold through appstore these days..keeps tellin my credcards empty..wich is funny since im paying the gold on my phonebill option

    FIX IT!!! I need to stat
  • I sent an email because I tried buying 300 gold during double gold and the purchase took place but I didn't receive any gold :(

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