Locked out of Account!
  • I have been logged out of my windows live account. i can not recover my original password as i have no idea what it is. i was kicked off of Wild City and am unable to get it to log back in due to not being able to download my updates(updates will NOT download without being logged into my windows live account)
    is there ANY Way POSSIBLE for me to create a NEW windows live email/I.D. and then log into my original Wild City to recover MY account to continue using it. otherwise i will lose EVERYTHING!! Achievements and all!! PLEASE HELP!!!

  • ArunArun
    Just make a new windows live account . Then install the game nd try to login if u remember ur account details . If u don't remember ur account details then mail admin from ur registered email id to anansimobile@wildcity.com
    u ll get ur password nd login that way . But u need to mail admin from ur registered email id which u put on game .
  • ArunArun
    If u don't remember that then u have to prove it to admin that the respective account belongs to u ;)

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