Selling / buying other player's Accounts
  • ArunArun
    Well it has come to attention that people are selling their accounts for real cash via paypal . I think u guys should avoid buying such accounts . People usually give their account details to the buyer after getting cash bd then they recover their account via registered email id . Well u can get ur email changed but it takes time nd that time is enough for the seller to get back into his account . So i would suggest that u guys just avoid buying accounts from other players nd selling accounts as well .
    Admin cant get ur account back once its gone .
    Thanks :)
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  • my acc is priceless

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  • ArunArun
    Yoda =D>
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  • Arun said:

    Yoda =D>

  • :(( thats how u look shen you loose ir acct. Lol
  • Just posting here as I've seen people lately trying to do this, If they see the forum and this it might change there mind
  • Hahahaha mine acc is double priceless coz it got mails from 1k chicks lol
  • ashu said:

    Hahahaha mine acc is double priceless coz it got mails from 1k chicks lol

    how do u no there not guys ashu lol

    even i have a female acc lol
  • Yoda :0 really?
    Was always suspicious about you ;)
  • Yoda don't believe u a girl from inside omg
  • Touka
  • **cough**cough**
    people that buy accounts for irl $ ..
    i remember seeing people posting on global, &OR trading on other servers.
    and mods shuttin em down.
    but whats to stop a not so blatant sale of highly accomplished account?
    what is the punishment or policy for that?
  • ThornThorn
    It should be treated the same as any other account sale ^

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