who wants to b a mod
  • Well well well....everyone who plays this game looks forward to get opportunity to became a mod....even me too......do u also want same thing ?
  • Not really. If I got a chance to be one, I wouldn't mind tho.
  • ArunArun
    Lawl =))
  • Kya hua arun....bhai admin se bat krke merko banwa na yr
  • I already had a chance to be mod ^_^
  • How u got chance ?
  • S2, I got asked but turned it down, was when it was new
  • Wat was u asked ?
  • Nothing ^_^
  • Grrrr tell me
  • I all I was asked if I wanted to be mod as I got recommended by other mod and helped out but I declined as I went back to s1 and then left game for while
  • Ashu, you make me laugh. :')
  • Hahaha great kiri bhai
  • Wat i did char ?? Btw im proud of myself that i made a mod laugh lol
  • So silly haha
  • AAh... I wanted to b one, when i was a noob...
    not Anymore lol...
    I see Mods struggling xD.. Better Enjoy Game ;)
  • Hahaha char....silly is fun
  • I will continue to play the game - if I get asked, maybe.
  • Yea me too may be some day I would get asked
  • It's not fun. It's hard work.
  • CharisLeB said:

    It's not fun. It's hard work.

    I believe this. ^

  • mestic
  • Yea i know its hard

    Rather people says nothing is impossible but i do nothing evertday
  • sabhi ko mod banna hai \o/
  • Ha lol
  • Looks like admin might need nee mod lol
  • Yea maybe
  • X_X
    Mod on s1 ir s2 is not eazy
    Am on s2 there is allways a battle everyday i even have to help portuguess mods to solve their problems lol
  • Hahahahav blin lol
  • Blin rocks \o/
  • Lol blin do you even do a job? Except muting those who argue with you or have opinion about you? And protecting scammers and spammers?
    Giving them shelter in your fam lol
  • Ahhh marine gay stop poking.....he is mod so let him to do his job u are not supposed to say anything about his work coz u urself don't do any except show off
  • What she said ^_^
  • Lol that's the problem he don't do his job xD I could show you the screen shots of him muting peoples for no reason
    And saying "if anyone say anything about me he will be muted"
    You are talking about things which you don't know
    And if you talking about the show off? Then I have screen shots of what you were saying to after I show off but don't insult anyone like you do
    And better ask the peoples of S2 about blin there have been many mods we don't have any problem with them
    There was a mod in s2 who used do what blin is doing and now we know that he has no place in s2 and he's taking shelter in S3
  • Protecting scammers is a mod's job? I didn't know that
    And then making false accusation on other person of scamming and then not apologizing in global about that.
  • Marine
    Is just a troble maker
    On s2 ir any sever hes level of envy on all the players that are mods is so so High that even him cant stop it
  • Trouble maker?
    Just tell me a single player for whom I have created troubles except if he's a scammer
    And no one has ever seen me spamming and swearing in public chats
    And envy?
    That's the only thing you say if someone questions about your inactivity and unbiased muting and making false accusations of scamming on players
    You better should give a better reason
    Just cuz someone questions your way of working doesn't means he envy you and that's not interrupting your job for which you muted me
    And other mods are stronger?
    Than except matt bonnie Andy and neo no mod can beat me in game and why would I envy a player whose cant even face make 1% damage on me?
    And have I ever crippled you or placed a bounty on you except during CW?
    If I would have been doing anything to interrupt you then I would have been crippling or robbing you again and again but I don't do that
  • Calm down O.O
  • \o/
  • Touka
  • Well done marine Saale itna lamba post
  • News just in, if want to be mod there I 1 space left windows s3, spam mike asking to be one ^_^
  • CakeCake
    Asking to be bone?
  • Well we need more mods in S3 flight chat is getting so bad ~_~
  • Amethyst said:

    Well we need more mods in S3 flight chat is getting so bad ~_~

    I agree and need mods that stop people from spamming instead of saying hi to them
  • Touka
  • Except pam √
  • I love Pam. But I agree its getting kinda irritating. Happy Valentines day ladies and gents. \0/
  • Hmmmmm serious talk here :p
  • ^lol
  • Yeah we need more mods..
    vote me :D

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