Does it matter what job path you take?
  • Do all jobs paths pay the same at the different levels? And does the field your in matter?

    Is there a benefit to getting into say Restaurant vs Hospital? I think the tutorial had me go into the Military Camp. Should I change?

  • CakeCake
    The only difference in Jobs is what stats you have to increase to progress in each field, what certificates you need to progress and the medal for getting to the last position. Other than that no, one is not better than the other. Same time frame, same payouts thru progression etc.
  • Well if there can be different daily tasks for different careers and their hardness level increases with every promotion then it can be cool and difference in careers would look reasonable :)
  • freshfresh
    the jobs should really give a boost like the lessons do, like if ur in banking, then moneymaker goes up, or teachers would get higher prodigy when its complete, and so on.

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