What should I be doing with my energy and courage?
  • I look at other people of near level, and most are ALOT stronger than me. I have 1 palladium in all my time playing, dont even know where it came from.

    I normally do crime and work out. but dumping 100 energy into a workout gets me nothing in stats despite an upgraded district home.

    I did just spend all my checks on energy refills with vip boost and the 100% happiness boost and food boost... So Im like 5000 strength/defense and 3000 dex/other thing. Still less health than I see on others.

    So, what should i be doing to actually advance?
  • CakeCake
    Stacking gin. Which means every 4hrs taking a gin that increases your energy by 300. Once you stacked over 5k then you take a dish and aya. Switch gym to stat you are training. Try to rent a space station or private island and also borrow a better 3rd equip with higher happiness. Also in the science class there are happiness boosts you should learn. They unlock after completing I think a job class. I'll add which ones later.

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