Happy Valentines Day
  • Everyone should get that special someone a red rose or that special guy a Palladium. Happy Soon to be Valentines Day! XD
  • I agree, all guys on game should give at least 1 gift to the wife if not ban for 1 day lol
  • ^Lol.. Wat abt singles?? Sell to system? :P
  • Lol! ^
    Happy Valentine's all ;)
  • Abhi said:

    ^Lol.. Wat abt singles?? Sell to system? :P

    Nah they should give gifts to every girl
    They are free man you know ;) lol
  • Yeah I don't like the event on S3 on windows. It's mainly for gold buyers and flower farmers. (Stole your line Touka). But I did give a few girls roses.
  • ViRaTViRaT
    Lol abhi.. valentines day is for couples xD Send flowers to your crush..!!
  • ViRaTViRaT
    Sad part.. There are no white chocolates this time :(
  • /o\

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