Mercs and new update
  • Touka
    I can't speak for everyone else but I like the new update. The mercenaries are a nice add and I think the last citywar had less lag! Thanks admin!
  • I like it as well but will make chaining little worse and longer
  • Touka
    The 2x is nice in fights. Makes it a little faster
  • Yeah that's true I've been waiting for it since I saw it on android servers
  • 2x?
  • Thorn said:


    When u fight in the middle of the two players there's a button 1x click it and it will change to 2x and fight will go faster
  • But still I think the fights now take a longer time
    More than 25 seconds for a fight of 20 rounds with x2
  • Touka
    Ok I've been getting alot of questions about how to level up their mercenaries.

    To level up your mercenaries you need gold rimmed weapons . The hookshot is an inexpensive one. They cost 7k and can be found in Vegas. The hookshot only gives 1xp. Other gold rimmed weapons give more.
    Advancing your mercenaries.
    To advance your mercenaries you will need to have the required exp and a mercenary of the same class. So class A mercenaries need another class A to advance.
    When you advance your mercenaries you raise their stat cap and max skill lvl.
    . Brainwash your mercenary to get the skills you want. To upgrade the skill you need a mercenary with the same skill. The skill cannot be higher than the star rating and it maxes at 5
  • Touka
    The mercenary does not need to be the same class when you upgrade skills
  • CakeCake
    You know I answered majority of that already right touka?
  • theyre confusing ATM with not that much information.
  • freshfresh
    i think its just a case of trial and error, when i started with mercs, i didnt have a clue, but once u get going you realise it isnt that hard

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