about citywar
  • When is Citywar today
  • Its over... U get system mail abt timing...
  • Yaap ok
  • LukasLukas
    Every saturday, 19:30 - 20:30 is Signup time if you're fam boss.
    Actual war is between 20:00 - 22:00, game time.
  • ArunArun
    Rules regarding territory gains in city wars ~

    1 . Stay online
    2 . Keep coming out of hospital as fast as u can nd heal to gain territories. U wont get any if ur health is not full . So its a must .
    3 . If ur opponent fam has lots of online members then keep them in hospital all the time . That way they wont gain any territories .
    4 . If u r in a city other than wild city , try to hit them so many times that they get out of meds . That's the best way to win . Also use pipebomb nd fight from fight club instead of city war flag . Its faster nd u wont get any lags .
    5 . U have to stay in that city online all the time to gain territories . Don't leave the city.
    6 . City war is a team work . I have seen weaker fams winning a city against the strongest . U just need a strategy . One man cant win a city alone no matter how strong he is . It depends upon the number of online members . U ll get more territories in 1 min with 50 online members than 10 strong ones .
    7 . Be there at time . Don't be late or ur opponent fam ll get a lead which wont be easy to cover .
    Good luck :)>-
  • Perfect answer Arun :)
  • Marine
    What if those 10 strong players have Awesome internet and they keep the other 50 players in hosp all the time?
  • Then your screwed
  • Marine
    No I wont be. Cuz I am sure I would among those strong 10 lol
  • Are you dreaming marine lol
  • Now time has changed
    Now its 3hrs o/

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