Getting Started - What weapons can be upgraded in Arms Workshop, and how?
  • In Wild City there is a building called Workshop.

    There you can upgrade weapons or armors to higher levels, increasing statistics of equipment as their level (level 0 to level 12).

    Only special weapons and armor (recognized by having a gilt frame) can be updated, requiring some other requirements for it (Emblems, Palladium, Luck and obviously the equipment to be updated).


    Traveling to Rome, you can visit the Coliseum and there fight opponents. Every battle won the player gets some Emblems, which are part of the requirements to upgrade weapons in the Workshop.


    By winning all 15 opponents of the Colosseum level, the player is awarded a Palladium, which is a special metal used in updating the equipment in Wild City.

    Other ways to achieve Palladium is buying it from other player's stall, fighting in Skyscraper while it is open (is located in Wild City, and works with struggles against progressively stronger opponents, on a staircase, reaching high levels, consequently against strong enemies , the player is awarded Palladium and other items), or buying some of the special game packages with Gold.


    It is not a joke.

    Updates of weapons of higher levels may fail once or several times.

    However, the workshop there is a sort of bar at the bottom, progressing every failure, increasing the chances on the next attempt.

    The first update (level 0 >>> level 1) never fails, because the chance of success is 100%.

    I hope it helps =)
    P.S.: Please forgive my grammatical errors. lol
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