Getting Started - What is and what is Hitter Dodger, and how the Academy?
  • One of the basic requirements to grow in Wild City is able to protect yourself from thieves and enemies.

    For this, the Academy is the right place to prepare yourself!

    There are four categories of training at the gym on Wild City (Strength Training, Defense, Speed and Dexterity), and each of these categories gives special fighting skills, including:


    Sets the force with which the enemy is achieved when and if your attack hit him. The more strength, more the health of the opponent is reduced when struck by a blow.


    The Defense basically serves to increase health. The more health, stronger are the supported coups, as there will be more "blood" to continue fighting.


    The opposite of Dodge (Dexterity), speed ensures that blows can hit the opponent, even if it deviates from attacks.


    Dexterity (or Dodge, in a more popular term) is the ability to dodge enemy attacks. That is, the higher the Dexterity, fewer hits the reach, the speed of the opponent is too low, no blow can reach a player of high Dexterity, so the importance of train speed to reach considerable values, otherwise the unhealed'll hit the opponent, regardless of other parameters.

    But after all, what is Hitter?

    Hitters are players with focused training in strength, speed and defense, usually with little or no training in Dexterity, which is exactly the feature that resulted in the name, since the struggle profile these players are totally focused on attack, not intended to dodge the blows.

    And Dodger?

    Dodgers are players with their training focused on Dexterity, usually with training in strength and speed as well, and little or no defense training. The intention of these players is exactly dodge enemy blows, aiming never lose battles, not always matter if they win or not.

    Remember that players with training focused on speed can reach the blows in Dodgers with relative ease, and with that win fights. So it pays to keep a balanced training of the four factors ...

    Another important detail to consider: each level has a limit of battle statistics that can be achieved in the gym.

    To know the limit of your level, just get in the gym and check the text to the left of the Train button, there will be detailed the limit that the sum of the battle statistics can achieve.

    Anyway, I hope this topic is of great help =)
    A hug!
    P.S.: Forgive me for any grammatical error >.<
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