Getting Started - What is Reset and how to find out its value?
  • A good way to make money in Wild City is resell sets of flowers and crystals.

    Precisely because it is a lucrative option, these items sell out of stores as fast as replenished ... So it's very important to know the exact moment that these items are reset in stores of all cities, this being the only way possible for purchasers them. In this moment we call this moment Reset.

    The shops are full of flowers and crystals each exactly 60 minutes.

    The reset is a value between 0 and 59, corresponding to the exact minute that the stores are stocked, and this value changes every day twice: the first change happens between 23h and 0h game time (the game clock can be accessed in the newspaper or at the airport), when a random reset, and then between 0h and 1h is the first definitive reset of the day, which then is repeated for all the hours that same minute.

    Many players do not accept that the reset is released freely, as this makes it difficult to purchase the items, because many are buying simultaneously, then ask this in the chats may be a more practical alternative to discover the value, but can also cause any player who is against the practice attack who asked and who gave the Reset chatting, or even some players can revolt and put bounty on the head of the guilty.

    But there is a safer way (and labor) to find the value ...

    Simply choose a city in which the crystals or flowers have less output (those cities where there is always some of these items in stores), and wait from the 0h of the game time until the reset occurs, and note the value of the minutes in the game clock when occur.

    I hope these tips are of great help =)
    P.S.: Sorry for any gramatical error >.<
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