Getting Started - What are sets, and how can you use it?
  • A good shortcut to grow in Wild City is access to Golds and Checks, which can be redeemed in store for numerous items that facilitate progress in the game.

    So you question: But if I do not like putting real money gambling, consuming Gold packages, I can not progress?

    The answer is: Yes, you can progress!

    For this there are the flowers and crystals within the game, known as Collection Items.

    Collecting one flower each city, you can trade them in Wild City for 10 Golds, using the same with crystals, assembled one of each city can be exchanged for 100 Checks.

    A set is each complete collection of flowers or crystals, that is, a set composed of one item of each city, which can be exchanged in the Black Market in Wild City.

    The sets are the best way to start making money on Wild City, because the older players (hence with money to invest) usually buy these sets to change in the Black Market, and use the product exchange in various ways, which gradually will be explained in other threads.

    To buy flowers or crystals in each city stores, you will need to understand how the Reset works, then I recommend you to understand what is reset by clicking here.

    I hope this information is helpful.
    See ya o/
    P.S.: Forgive me for some grammatical error.
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