• Hey, I'm Mash. I'm a noob from S2 lol

    I'm making this to bring up the pointless filters such as kkk and grass. I don't know if it is just me or if these are really stupid filters...

    I'm on windows device. Search me •~MASH~• and leave your thoughts in the comments?
    Thanks :)>-
  • Kkk is racist so it has to be filtered and some players say grass as in weed, so you got to see where admin coming from
  • Kkk is racist? I never knew that.. Could you explain for me please?
  • kkk is an white organisation in which they worship the devil of some sort to rid world of black people,
    Sorry to others for posting this. For more info type in google
  • Ohh, I didn't know that.. Thanks for clearing it up.
  • No problem but yes some words atm still need to be filtered some taken off. Admin just busy with other stuff
  • Like blood
    At least this word should not be filtered we are playing a mafia game
  • CakeCake
    Or the word mafia. It's a mafia game.
  • LukasLukas
    Or beaver.
  • Pointless filters.. And also false mails. I stacked energy for deathmatch and skyscraper came instead...
  • LukasLukas
    Post removed by Moderator Arun .
  • ArunArun
    The word ' Ass ' shouldn't be banned . Its in ur notification lol
    ' cancer ' nd ' blood ' are not censored anymore . ' Aid ( s ) ' is censored tho.
  • freshfresh
    can anyone explain the reason 'underwear' is banned?
  • Marine
    Blood is not banned now \o/ I am so happy to know that GA listens to me :D
  • AbhiAbhi
    lol... And gay is filtered xD filters were improved.. cool work =D>

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