Lucky wheel/Unlucky wheel
  • If you one of the lucky people that always get the decent things from the wheel the well done but I'm one of those people that get stuck with the merits or vip passes

    Are you lucky or unlucky
  • CakeCake
    Both. It knows when I've won something so my next 10+ spins are 10 mill, merits and VIP.
  • Yeah i usually get vip, money and merits. I once won item. But I have tried lucky wheel just few times.
  • Only good thing I have won is a hellflame armour on windows s1 but since then iv only won vips merits etc
  • ThornThorn
    I'm hoping my bad luck will one day culminate in a big bout of good luck ;) haha.
  • I won two grim reapers :(
  • Congrats char
  • AbhiAbhi
  • ArunArun
    I won merits , 10 m , raptors , more merits merits merits lol that is my favourite item . I think I just spin to win merits lol spinned over 50 times by now . That also in all servers lmao
  • Shae
    Ohh, but I know you`re not giving up!! :))

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