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    Cherry blossom - Tokyo
    Crab cactus - Rio de Janeiro
    Dahlia - Mexico City
    Daisy - Rome
    Peony - Hong Kong
    Protea - Cape Town
    Red rose - London
    Sagebrush - Las Vegas
    Tulip - Amsterdam
    Water Lily - Cairo


    Barbecue sauce - Amsterdam
    Chili sauce - Rio de Janeiro
    Cream - London
    Egg - Rio de Janeiro
    Granulated sugar - Cairo
    Lamb meat - Hong Kong
    Mustard - Las Vegas
    Perch - Tokyo
    Potato - Mexico City
    Rice - Cape Town
    Shrimps - Rome
    Soy sauce - Hong Kong
    Spices - Mexico City
    Squid - Cairo
    Table salt - Las Vegas
    Vegetable Oil - Cape Town


    Las Vegas -
    Chainmail - $20,000
    Evasion: 29 Defense: 30

    Hong Kong -
    Carbon helmet - $10,000
    Evasion: 25 Defense: 25

    Rio de Janeiro -
    Flexible body armor - $50,000
    Evasion: 33 Defense: 35

    Cape Town -
    Bulletproof vest - $2,000
    Evasion: 17 Defense: 15

    Amsterdam -
    Liquid body armor - $500,000
    Evasion: 45 Defense: 50

    Mexico City -
    Full body armor - $4,000
    Evasion: 21 Defense: 20

    Rome -
    Kevlar trench coat - $200,0
    Evasion: 41 Defense: 45

    Tokyo -
    Outer tactical vest - $100,000
    Evasion: 37 Defense: 40


    Las Vegas -
    Bicycle - $20
    Razor - $250
    Crowbar - $250

    Hong Kong -
    Windproof lighter - $5,000
    Gasoline - $2,000

    Rio de Janeiro -
    Printing paper - $20
    Blank chips - $200

    Cape Town -
    Screwdriver - $10,000
    Fake antique - $8,000

    Cairo -
    Blank credit cards - $1,000
    Copier - $3,600

    London -
    Explosives - $17,000
    Tape - $50

    Amsterdam -
    Computer certificate - $10,000
    Wireless transceiver - $12,000

    Mexico City -
    Wireless keyboard - $1,500
    Tracing device - $6,400

    Rome -
    Chloroform - $12,000
    Padlock - $20,000

    Tokyo -
    Masks -$4,500
    Driving license - $1,800
    Computer - $5,000


    Bandaids - Wild City
    Medical kits - Las Vegas
    Penicillin - Cairo


    Hong Kong -
    Defense Program Card - $100mil

    Rio de Janeiro -
    Strength Program Card - $100mil

    Cape Town -
    Kava Cola - $5,000
    Dex. Program Card - $100mil

    London -
    Willow Bark - $200,000

    Amsterdam -
    Ginseng - $500,000

    Rome -
    Ayahuasca - $200,000
    Speed program card - $100mil


    African wood carving - Cape Town
    American Ginseng - Las Vegas
    Blueberry - Las Vegas
    Cachaca - Rio de Janeiro
    Cheese - Amsterdam
    Coffee - Rio de Janeiro
    Diamond - Cape Town
    Electronics - Las Vegas
    English tea - London
    Fashionable suit - Rome
    Glassware - Cairo
    Gundam model - Tokyo
    Herring - Amsterdam
    Kimono - Tokyo
    Leather carving - Mexico City
    Ornaments - Rome
    Ostrich egg - Cape Town
    Perfume - Rome
    Pipe - London
    Pottery - Hong Kong
    Propolis - Rio de Janeiro
    Pyramid model - Cairo
    Sabot - Amsterdam
    Sashimi - Tokyo
    Scarab ornament - Cairo
    Silk - Hong Kong
    Silverware - Mexico City
    Tea Leaves - Hong Kong
    Tequila - Mexico City
    Whiskey - London


    Las Vegas -
    Business license - $500,000
    Required to open a restaurant.
    Medical license - $10,000
    Required to work as a doctor.
    Engineering diploma - $10,000
    Required to work in the construction industry.

    Hong Kong -
    Lease Contract - $100,000
    Required to rent a house.
    Accounting License - $10,000
    Required to work as a white collar worker.

    Rio de Janeiro -
    Barman License - $10,000
    Required to work as a bartender.
    Fitness certificate - $100,000
    Required to work in the army.

    Cape Town -
    Medical record - $100,000
    Medical record provided by the hospital.
    Award certificate - $500,000
    Required by the film industry.

    Cairo -
    Chef certificate - $10,000
    Required to work as a chef.
    Law diploma - $100,000
    Required to work in cultural fields.
    Expert certificate - $100,000
    Required for specialized jobs.

    London -
    Law Diploma - $10,000
    Required to work in cultural fields.

    Mexico City -
    Pilot license - $10,000
    Required to work as a pilot.
    Development license - $100,000
    Required to work as a foreman.

    Rome -
    Neurological items - $100,000
    Drink this to become a mad scientist.

    Tokyo -
    Artist certificate - $10,000
    Required to work as an actor.
    Trophy - $100,000
    Best prize an athlete can get.


    Las Vegas -
    Chain whip - $70,000
    Damage:39 Accuracy: 36
    Dual scimitars - $100,000
    Damage: 39 Accuracy: 40
    Colt M4A1 - $150,000
    Damage: 63 Accuracy: 23
    AK-47 - $170,000
    Damage: 60 Accuracy: 29

    Hong Kong -
    Steel Pipe - $6,000
    Damage: 30 Accuracy: 21
    Switchblade - $9,000
    Damage: 36 Accuracy: 19
    Benelli M1014 - $70,000
    Damage: 44 Accuracy: 24
    Ingram M11 - $80,000
    Damage: 53 Accuracy: 18

    Rio de Janeiro -
    Naval cutlass sword - $120,000
    Damage: 38 Accuracy: 45
    Swiss Army knife - $160,000
    Damage: 39 Accuracy: 48
    Steyr AUG - $190,000
    Damage: 73 Accuracy: 19
    SIG 552 - $210,000
    Damage: 71 Accuracy: 24

    Cape Town -
    Nunchucks - $2,000
    Damage 23 Accuracy: 20
    Frying pan - $4,000
    Damage: 11 Accuracy 36
    Desert Eagle Napalm - $30,000
    Damage: 52 Accuracy: 10
    Benelli M1 Super 90 - $50,000
    Damage: 46 Accuracy: 19

    Cairo -
    Ice pick - $11,000
    Damage: 40 Accuracy: 19
    Mace - $15,000
    Damage: 29 Accuracy: 34
    Steyr TMP - $90,000
    Damage: 63 Accuracy: 11
    HK MP5 A5 - $100,000
    Damage: 53 Accuracy: 24

    London -
    Chainsaw - $300,000
    Damage: 48 Accuracy: 59
    Ninja claws - $400,000
    Damage: 42 Accuracy: 69
    AI L96A1 AWP - $350,000
    Damage: 61 Accuracy: 49
    SIG 550 Sniper - $400,000
    Damage: 54 Accuracy: 59

    Amsterdam -
    Knuckle dusters - $500,000
    Damage: 46 Accuracy: 69
    FN Minimi Para - $450,000
    Damage: 99 Accuracy: 15
    Flame thrower - $500,000
    Damage: 90 Accuracy: 29

    Mexico City -
    Huge rainbow trout - $20,000
    Damage: 38 Accuracy: 29
    Scimitar - $30,000
    Damage: 37 Accuracy: 34
    FN P90 - $110,000
    Damage: 67 Accuracy: 13
    HK UMP 45 - $120,000
    Damage: 64 Accuracy: 19

    Rome -
    Mad dog ATAK - $250,000
    Damage: 35 Accuracy: 64
    Kung fu axes - $280,000
    Damage: 44 Accuracy: 59
    IMI Galil - $270,000
    Damage: 88 Accuracy: 16
    Steyr Scout - $300,000
    Damage: 53 Accuracy: 54

    Tokyo -
    Samurai sword - $200,000
    Damage: 47 Accuracy: 44
    Bayonet - $220,000
    Damage: 36 Accuracy: 59

    G3A3 - $230,000
    Damage: 79 Accuracy: 19
    FAMAS F1 - $250,000
    Damage: 72 Accuracy: 29

    Cars are found in the hijacking Crime!
    Airplanes are in wildmart Or From random gift boxes! Enjoy guys have Fun!
    Thanked by 3NAP BluKey13 aasim9935

    Amber - Tokyo
    Amethyst - Cairo
    Blue Agate - Amsterdam
    Clear Quartz - Wild City
    Golden Hair Quartz - Rio
    Green Phantom - Las Vegas
    Red Agate - London
    Red Quartz - Mexico City
    Rose Quartz - Cape Town
    Topaz - Hong Kong
    Water Agate - Rome
    Thanked by 1NAP
  • Thank you for posting this Scotts it will help a lot of people new to the game :>
    Thanked by 1kayleigh90
  • DustyCake said:

    Thank you for posting this Scotts it will help a lot of people new to the game :>

    That's the essence of posting it on here...
  • Hi iv been playing a few hours and now i cant send any private mails. How can I fix this?
  • Tegus

    Hi iv been playing a few hours and now i cant send any private mails. How can I fix this?

    Report it to the GameAdmin through Feedback on mail
  • Nvm
  • I see an upgraded version on android devices when it will be available on ios ?
  • Tegus

    I see an upgraded version on android devices when it will be available on ios ?

  • i cant wait for the upgraded version to be available on windows phone :)
  • the new update should be here sometime this week. For windows phone.
  • Andy
    Wow nice Spotts I've seen Mike paste the gem list in global but this is really handy stuff, thanks.

    Gonna try raise awareness of the forum I didn't know it was here ;)
  • :)>-
  • Juelz
    I've been playing Wild City for a few months now. I was wondering how many emblems are there?
  • DebsdabombDebsdabomb
    Heya Juelz I dont think there is a stop on emblems, as they are required to upgrade certain items they are always obtainable
  • reaper
    Far as I know, there is no limit as to how many emblems u can have. I currently have like 4000. Also u can get 12000 to trade it in for boxing gloves and couple other items in the black market. As well as using them to upgrade gold bordered weapons and armor.
  • Deadyl
    Need help with Game on Windows phone Lumia 625, after the little update couple of days ago i cannot log into the game every time i try to log in it goes to loading screen and continues to say Downloading new Files, i have hard reset my phone and also tried it on two differant wifi's anyone have any help would be appreciated PLEASE! as i play this game alot and also have spent money on Gold.
  • That only happens on cheap and budget devices. Get a better one.problem solved
  • and im sure mikeMboricura is the boss of the bandits. dont mess with him unless you wanna be pinned down in hospital.
  • mike is not the boss of the bandits
  • And how do you know that?

  • its his alt
  • Andy
    If you are having problems downloading the game please confirm that the date and time settings are correct on your phone.
  • freshfresh
    has anybody got a list of the lessons and their benefits? i like to know what it is that im working towards. all i know is advanced mechanics is double happiness on special item and advanced architecture is 20% happiness increase on all property modifications. are there any more that go towards happiness? or some way to boost stats?
  • Not really thats the haopiness classes.
  • ok, but what other ones are there? i know about the weapon proficiency now, but what do the advanced lessons in history do?
  • ArunArun
    That u have to figure out lol
    usually if u get 5% of smething in basics then u ll get 10 % of the same thing in advanced . Like melle weapons proficiency nd crimes rate . For happiness only science is there . Do all in that one . U can use wings as ur third equip . It has 1000 happiness . Ayahuasa nd dish for that specific stats nd a good property for more stats .
  • i did start a chat and have put the lessons i know on there. feel free to add to it ;)
  • is there any way to find out how many bets , fights, etc for getting a medal
  • CakeCake
    You would have to look in the newspaper in the rankings tab under social and individual. Any that arent there you would have to mail feedback.
  • If I'm not mistaken, medals that relates to how many activity needed to be repeated in order to get them (eg. Doing certain type of crimes, using a certain category of weapon, bailing people out of jail etc) follows the counts of 100, 1000 and 5000.
    At least that's what I know based on the bailiff medal that I got..
  • CakeCake
    Yes. Except crime goes to 10k for gold.
  • Oh thanks for the info Cake!
    Guess I'll stop trying to get the gold medal for crimes then, 10K is too much for me lol
  • CakeCake
    I've been trudging along on my gold first crime medal. Even though it only costs one courage it is taking forever. Lol. I fear im probably not even at 7,500 yet.
  • Yeah the journey to get the gold crime medals are indeed taking forever lol
    A stats counter that could inform us players on how many times certain activities have been done already would be a great addition to the game in my opinion.
    This way we could easily track our efforts in getting a certain medal for specific activities...
  • what might be the stats required to beat floor 40 player in skyscraper ??
  • its around 400k i think, thats what i was at, just make sure u stat speed, because they have high evasion
    Thanked by 1RR007
  • Kapp, old fam boss of S1 FoN is bandits boss.. Force of Nature has been deleted now, Matthew doesn't play S1 anymore & I have his old acnt..
  • 600k stats will get u to lvl 49 before the mirrior players start u need to use money or gold to do stat increase to beat it and yes it can fail sometimes
  • RR007 said:

    what might be the stats required to beat floor 40 player in skyscraper ??

    Can beat it with around 50k speed, or 35k with a decent accuracy weapon, such as a world cup..
  • I have a Business License, how do I use it?
  • ArunArun
    Those licenses are for jobs in office . U cant really use them before u get to those respective jobs which require bussiness license . U can sell them in ur stall or if anyone else needs them . Or just keep one in case u need it in future when u get to that job ;)
    Thanked by 1crzr
  • I'm stuck on the Warehouse mission, I have to kill the sniper guard but I always lose. What do I do?
  • ArunArun
    Ohh I think u r a beginner now ?
    u need build up ur stats in gym to pass that mission . Also get good weapons . It LL take some time but u LL get paas that mission soon .

    Okay I m gonna guide u to build up stats fast . If u r a gold buyer then it can be fast but without gold too , u can reach there in few weeks . First of all make some cash . U know the ways to make cash with specialities or collecting flowers/gems . Thats the easiest way . Then u need to buy Gensings from amsterdam or wildmart . Stack up ur energy upto 5k using gensings every 4 hrs . When u get to 5 k energy , go to gym nd use ayahuasa nd a dish for the respective stat . Put all energy on one stat at a tym . Thats the best way to stat up .

    Also u should buy a decent property from real estate or rent it . Property gives u happiness . More happiness = More stats outcome . So u need a better one . An island LL be nice enough . Its really important to stat up in a good propert or u LL waste energy nd get less stats . So get a good one . Its a slow game but u LL enjoy it once u reach there .

    Basically for passing tokyo hideouts ( easy ) u need atlest 10 k speed , 2 k strength nd defense or dex whatever u prefer . I hope it helped . Keep playing u LL learn it all in some time . There are lots of yhings to do in this game . Also try to be in a good family ( 10 k chain / 7 star fam ) . They LL guide u nd help u with the game . I suppose u already had a coach ? If not then get one . Good luck :)>-
  • Post removed by moderator Arun.
  • No point quote that easier to scroll to top
  • Its like spamming ~_~
  • .
  • Hades
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