Unable to buy gold
  • inot15inot15

    I have reported this in-game to game admin and moderator via feedback and we discussed about this.

    My in-game nickname is inot15.

    This is the error which I get: "We are sorry for there is some system error occured. Please wait for a while and try it again, thanks!

    The website is "http://cityen-wp8.anasicorp.org" (<-- after login on paypal and confirming the purchase)<br />
    I'm not the only one having this problem. I asked in-game and another user told me that he is having this same problem with paypal(I tried directly paypal and then windows store). I'm using card to pay.

    I hope that you guys find the problem soon and fix it, so that I don't miss out on this week's double gold deal :=).

    Thank you in advantage!
  • inot15inot15

    Thank you, but I didn't get any receipt :)(because it doesn't send the money )
  • KanharnKanharn
    I have also been getting this error when trying to buy gold via mobile carrier. Paypal Works ok.
  • ArunArun
    Check ur Paypal account . U need to set it up again . It usually works . If u r trying to buy from windows store then check ur microsoft account .

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