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  • inot15inot15

    I have been playing this game for months. I just had few month break. Now that I came back, I can see how much this game has improved.

    I'm also happy to see that things that I and others suggested has been added/improved to the game, such as the medals(now it clearly stated that your medal is x level, not that it's worth x merits 8->)
    And I can see few new features as well. Also quite few bugs has been fixed.

    I have to thank the developer(s) and game admins for doing great job. I'm happy to buy some gold to support you guys for making this game and improving it.

    Also thanks to the moderators which are helping game admins and the users for free :).

    I'm using windows phone and to be honest, there isn't that many good games. But this is one for sure!

    Keep doing great work \m/!
  • I agree, and just spent 2mins reading >_< you owe me my 2mins back lol
  • Fix the lag and this game will be perfection. :')
  • For me atm is lag in chaining mafia city app
  • Vice City has no lag when chaining in S4 in windows. Wild City is really bad. >_<
  • ArunArun
    I don't get any lags lol it depends upon the number of members in a fam . If its a big fam with a lot of members then u ll get more lags . Better to chain on small fams while willowing . I can hit 100 ~ 120 targets in a willow easily so I think its good .

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