Help: Can't use account after Update
  • Don_Fel
    Hi guys,
    I used the WP version of wild city that was called "Vice City (Mafia RPG)" and played in S3. After the latest update, this app didn't update, so i deleted it, in order to reinstall it. But the app i used is not available anymore. Now it is "Vice City(Mafia RPG)" ~ without space. This is apparently another app, since my user information are not included. Since I can't remember my username of my account, I'm not able to get back to play my account. Can anyone help me with that problem? My account ID is 424187647 and Name is Don Fel. Thx
  • ArunArun
    U have to mail admin at from ur registered email . The same email which u put in game . Admin ll tell u ur username nd password .

    I think u changed ur mobile location that's why u r getting a different app .
  • Don_Fel

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