equip list & stat/skill enhancement breakdown?
  • is there such a list ?

    also which has highest happiness?

  • ZoneZone
    Hmm, it would be hard to compile one since each server has varying equipment.
    Could you specify which server you are currently playing on? Would make it simpler, as for the highest happiness, this items would be the New Venus Wings and the F-14 Tomcat(both at +1000 happiness).
  • ThornThorn
    Buck plays in S2 Windows. ^.~
  • ZoneZone
    Hmm, I'll put together a list.
  • krish
    in addition to new venus wings and tomcat which are both 1000 happiness 3rd equipment. also there are some 3rd equipments with 600 happiness like irish chopper, different mounts, rainbow wings etc..
    ps. higher happiness gives u more stats on workout. :)>-
  • sno carridge@600
  • yes, my home server2 is mentioned in my profile bio ;-)

    thank you zone! i can collaborate with alot of equip.

    and far as i know, only f-14 on server2 is riksta!
  • ZoneZone
    :P WS1 for me. Sadly, windows has an incomplete list, as many items do not appear in the WM.
  • freshfresh
    yh buck, thats because the f14 costs so much gold
  • @buckheep - use a 600 happiness item until you complete Double Happiness from Luxury item class under science. Wont make much difference unless you going to train with loads of gold or checks.
  • I have wings, tomcat, took classes, space station, etc!
  • & quite the 3rd item/equip collection on s²!
  • I have the tommy&wings.
    I've got my sights set on rafal

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