Game idea #4
  • Make available some shared warehouse slots for family to use networked / shared equip items / herbs / etc.

    any fam member can post/share their items in family storage.

    possibly also leveled upgrades/expansions for space.
  • freshfresh
    Would that not make the family vulnerable to a scammer joining, taking everything and leaving?
  • that would fall on responsibility of fam and how they manage recruit/entry into fam.

    they can join, lurk, and steal and share fam plans to others as a "mole", as is right now.

    @fresh I do hear you though of the scams. sadly even on a fictitious organized crime game there seems STILL to be no honor amongst the thieves!
  • DebsdabombDebsdabomb
    I think this is a terrible idea
  • Marine
    I saw 4 ideas
    And felt that all of them were aweful lol

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