Alt accounts: how to?
  • Been playing for the last four days but there are still some things I don't yet know.. so if y'all could help, that would be awesome.

    1 - How do you make an alt account? Maybe that's a dumb question lol but I'm lost.

    2 - Using another server.. what are the benefits?

    3 - Is there a certain time when collectables restock?

    4 - How do you upgrade things? What items are required?

    Thanks in advance!
  • which device are you on? for android, there are 3 apps:
    mafia city
    wild city
    vice city
    download each of those and you will have a main account and 2 alts.

    if you start with a fresh server then you wont have as much catching up to do straight away

    by collectables do you mean flowers and gems? if so, then the time is random each day, they reset every hour at the same minute for that day, so you have to watch the malls to find that days reset time

    to upgrade, you need palladium, cash and emblems. emblems are earned from fighting in the colloseum, each fight you win, you earn 3 emblems. also, upgrades are not guaranteed. the higher level youre upgrading, the more chance of a failure.

    hope that helps

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