Wild City App Updates
  • So I just updated my Wild City App.
    What's exciting?
    I saw some new graphics in some cities while flying back to wild city to check out the home city. Things didn't seem so spread out. I like those changes.
    The help button. What good does that do? Look up how do I become a mod. See the most generic answer ever. We are not hiring, but thanks for looking into becoming a mod. If we see you are active and helpful we will be in touch. I trained noobs and provided equipment, guess that was not helpful enough.

    Moving on...

    What is mind boggling?
    The new Presidential Palace. Do not know what that is going to be about, I just hope that one it is not a ploy from admin to get us to buy new gold.

    Does it deserve a mention?
    There is a new wheel on the update. Not new items, but a new button buy nine spins you get one free. Probably all in one spin too, and it will probably make it harder for people who are doing one spin to get a decent item. Another ploy by admin here to get us to swipe our credit cards.

    None of these updates please me. Why do you ask? He is using these updates to try and keep us happy. But a lot of players are right. There are some players on here that are way far ahead of where I am, and there is no way that I will be able to catch back up with them or compete with them. It does not bother me that I can beat them. I am sure there are some players who want to catch up to me. But admin did us no favors with last event. No one likes the items. I have a level 3 hunting pistol that no one wants to buy. The armor from last event is shard, it is like he took alien event armor and just beefed up the stats a bit. But I cannot sell the dino shield level 1 to anyone. The protective bubble is even hard to sell. So he did me no favors there. I moved 6000 eggs, and have shard to show for it because no one liked the items.

    Admin is trying to remove our minds from the current topic at hands, and due to recent events I will not be happy with game until admin makes an event that is actually worth something. The only reason why I do not walk away from this game is because I have put too much of my time into this game to collect the items that I have acquired as well as the friendships that I have made in the game along the way. If it was not for that. I would have already been gone.

    How many of you all feel just like me I wonder?
  • the presidential palace is part of a new event, obviously spending gold would help in the event, but were used to that now, if you dont like the items for an event, then why not think about trading the event items in for the energy items (mantate etc.) that will help you with your stats. it doesnt seem as though you like the game very much, if thats the case, you can still keep in touch with your friends in game via kik. ill admit i get annoyed with the events sometimes, but surely the updates have shown that admin is still trying to keep the players interested?
  • I'm in S2 so none of these changes have come into effect yet.

    My prediction about presidential palace: Players can either vote or elect for their preferred president, you need to use gold to vote and sign up... The elected president wins $, palladium prize and medal and earns benefits for their fam? (A bit like the Valentine's event)

    The 9 spins get 1 free thing sounds like it is a strategy to get people to buy more spins or spin more often than they normally would. It will probably will make it harder for those players who only spin occasionally to win something. Still... there's hope. I had a big win recently and it was from one spin. The players before me spun more than 4 times each.
  • KieranFKieranF
    I like the update a lot. I am looking forward to the event. Lots of players play this game without buying gold. The help function answers a lot of questions that frequently come up and rather then have to wait to get the answer you have it all at your finger tips.
  • I hope the event from palace is a good event with good items so I can make some cash. I wonder when the event is going to start. I wonder why he has not made changes to the Mafia City app yet. I did the event to get the items so that I could sell them and make some money. I guess if I hold on to them a little longer someone will want them and I might be able to sell them.
  • KieranFKieranF
    You will always sell your equipment, I am trying to sell a smg, level 4 laser and pm level 2...no joy.

    Message people who regulary use the auction house?

    The event will be good have faith in GA lol
  • Wish we got a bit more notice for the Presidential event. ^.~
  • There's no option to update the game?
  • I didn't end up re-downloading the game for the presidential event. Think it would be nice to have some other element to the game other than the 'battle' being the decider. Voting system was something different.
  • We got robbed that Golden SMG lol
  • I have been playing this game on many platforms over the last couple of years and have spotted a few things that could make everyone happier here's a list
    ~Lucky Wheel 
    ~Can use money to spin wheel 
    ~ or different wheel just for cash 
    ~Shorter Travel time
    ~ Ability to buy map so you can see 
    Quickest route
    ~larger map
    ~ swimming pool takes time and energy 
    ~ and depending on happiness
    Determines how much dex str spd 
    Def you get so say you're in there for a hour 100 of what ever you chose 

    I would write more but before I waste more time I would like to see other peoples response 

  • Juelz
    I have to say i like the addition of the institute the most. Dont ever take that away...lol. I started a discussion on a possible solution to items nobody wants and items that are hard to sell aspecially if they are high lvl. Check out my thoughts and tell what you think.
  • ThornThorn
    Anyone know how to get the red Xmas mini?
    Is it on institute?

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