• There needs to be a faster way to get known scammers banned from the game. In S3 Hannnnn has scammed multiple times. He even has been device banned before. He came back with same name, but because we were not able to prove that it was the same player nothing was done about it. He laid low for awhile, but recently he has started scamming again. Screen shots were sent four days ago. How long does it take to get someone banned. Meanwhile I have mods in my mail telling me the way I talk in a MAFIA game is going to get me a device ban. What the fuck man? I am truly pissed the fuck off. Mods telling me that is like them siding with hannnnn who constantly calls my kids retarded in my mail and in global. Hes muted and blocked but he places bounties on me with nasty trolling messages. If you are muted you should not be able to place bounty just like you are not allowed to post in news paper. I urge all players to stop buying gold until a trade window is devised to insure safe trading with players who work hard for their items.
  • I agree, this person needs to be dealt with. He has many accounts on more than one device, he gets muted by mods for insulting, threatening behaviour, calling other people's real life family members & siblings stuff that I cannot say on here. Not on one account, but on lots of accounts. I have received perverted messages from him and I've had to find and block all of his accounts just so I don't get messages from him again, and I'm sure many others have had to do the same.

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