Trade Window & Ban against player hannnnnn
  • This player and his alts have nonstop scammed s3 and nothing has been don't about it. Countless cases have been presented and nothing is being done. This petition is to show how many GOLD BUYERS from S3 will support the cause of having him Perm Banned, all devices, ip banned, etc so that no one from that household can play again, and how many players from ALL servers support the installation of a TRADE WINDOW! This trade window does not have to replace Stall, and if done properly will END SCAMMING FOREVER. By supporting this Petition you vow to not buy gold again until proper actions are taken to end scamming once and for all. Simply post your server & mains name if you support this.
  • Server 3 - Ame's♡Rock - A.k.a. RED
  • Server 3 - Samus
  • Server 3 - ~Car~
  • Server 3~ 11 bravo (scammed 300m from hannn, mailed admin and got no help)
  • Hannnnnns Account #s are:
  • Server 3 - ♥$avvɏ♥
  • Server 3 - Speedy Arrow
  • Server 3 - Sashi
  • Server 3 - lauяεηツ
  • ty all for your support lets keep the names coming √
  • Server 3 - ԶэĐ's Gem
  • Server 3 -GamE u_mad?
  • Server 3 - Gawron
  • Hannnnn is not going to be banned at this time I have email from anansi mobile stating that they have warned him but no other action will be taken at this time. Please boycott next gold buying event.
  • Wow at least they reply to your e-mails.
  • warned him.. Days of nonstop scamming, admission to mods in global each time, nonstop trolling of players and mods, and he gets a warning??? And continues doing the same thing. let me post _|_ admin once bet. I get banned. Just goes to show you how important players are to keeping this game alive.. As long as we stuff admins pockets with money they'll do nothing but collect and ignore real issues.
  • The sad part is there are not many players who are helping with movement. I will lye dormant until this matter is resolved.
  • Admin mailed me today asking for hannnnns id#s.
  • I hope they banned that bastard, cannot take his trolling any longer.
  • Any news?
  • Admin mailed me a few moments ago saying "baned him"!! It took time and effort but I suppose the admin team saw he wasn't going to stop scamming and treating people the way he does, nonstop breaking rules and having to be muted all day everyday. Big Props to Admin for doing the right thing.
  • Well gratz ;)
  • Needing more signatures ... :)
  • krish
  • Whats so funny :P
  • krish
  • =))
  • Gj red, now wait for another scammer alt! Lol

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