Why aren't scammers being banned on Windows?
  • Server 4 on Windows has seen a family of scammers surface and nothing has been done about it despite the numerous complaints to mods and mails to the admin. Also the scammer "Jamahl" has not been banned and has been allowed to abuse players on global. A year ago this wouldn't have been tolerated and he would of been banned so why not now?
  • We are working heavily to get all scammers banned, they will be banned.
  • Its the same on s3 char
  • Juelz
    You dont have to "ban" scammers actually just mark their accouts in red. Every time they chat or txt an emoji...it should be in red. Make that the universal color for scammers. Players can decide if they want to deal with them and they cant hide on any server.
  • I sent u guys my ticket number in game mail i submitted detailed information here screen shots i hope u guys can give me my double gold soon

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