Mafia City (crime rpg) app
  • Hi,

    Does anyone know why Mafia City (crime rpg) isn`t in the store anymore?
    Thanked by 1Madfreak
  • No ~_~ I asked Sia this morning even he didn't know >_< I deleted it and noticed afterwards that it was no longer in the store.
    Thanked by 1Madfreak
  • I still hope it`s for mentenaince purposes.
    If not, I guess I lost an alt. ~X(
  • Same here
  • krish
    U wont tbh just download another mafia city app and use same user details as u had for ur alt :)
  • I did that, but what if I had 5 accs? :P
    Besides, only Wild City app has available events where you can beat the "thing" and get weapons, armous or 3rd items.
  • Yeah I mailed admin he said something problem with Microsoft
    I hope we get those bck

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