• I used tge lucky wheel and won the inferno blade however my luck is bad. My inferno.blade never came to my warehouse I .am beyond upset
  • Wow. Screenshot and mail GA.
  • KieranFKieranF
    I thought I had this problem last night. I closed down the app and reopened it and thankfully my cash was there. Did you get sorted? If not can you mail me please so that I can help.
  • That Lucky Wheel Just robs people. It wont give u what u want. it just give raptors or vip pass or 10m cash.. Useless.
  • Hahaha lol its scamming wheel :")
  • The wheel is evil...
  • They should put in a second wheel. You can Spin for 20mil or increase your odds for 30mil. Still have Sb and Na or other good items but just not as many and they can still keep the Gold Wheel
  • on which server u got inferno blade in wheel. Surely not S2.

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