Point Pursuit Race
  • KieranFKieranF
    What do you think of it?
  • It's a great opportunity for people to try and get a few spins. :) lol but is it worth the checks and energy used? idk i had a buddy that spent over 30k checks on Point Pursuit Race. He ended up being in 1st place but he said he wouldn't do it again.. :))
  • 30k checks is nothing
  • its not worth it because if your in a well established family then your stacking energy for stating and fam wrs and cw
  • Some of them are ok, especially the one that has militia and crime on same one xD RECKLESS <3
  • i became Rank 1 once and won F22 and week vip passes :D
  • yeah but if it helps yeah family then it can be worth it but other wise i dont see the point in it
  • blin said:

    30k checks is nothing

    With the amount of checks spent you could of got 6 spins with the same amount in gold.
  • The one where you have to fight targets in fight club is pretty disappointing, since there are only 12 targets in wild city fight club and weak players in other city fight clubs. I know some stronger players have 3 or 4 targets in wild city fight club lol.
    Skirmish, family war & upgrading gear is worth it though.
  • Got to love a f-22 raptor lol

  • It would be even better if certain challenges weren't limited like "Back to school." You should add mini lessons with a 2 day learning time. Of course these smaller lessons would only apply to the original lessons learned already. Surely every player in WC has atleast one course learned.
  • I am so lazy with the courses, I would rather save an extra 20mill and buy a Dex Card from CT lol
  • CBA to do it...ever..waste of e
  • KieranFKieranF
    It's good if you want to level up and get some gold from it.
  • The more you learn the better you are ie mechanics for properties and a phew more but a good tip is have 55mil spare and then pay for the intro then move straight to the advance lesson so then you get the best possible opportunity for yourself mcspiro here from new nexus
  • KieranFKieranF
    New Nexus \o/
    If your good with cash then do as many courses as possible. always best to do them when low level. when you get your level over 250 you need to focus on your strength as you cannot kill high levels in one fight with anything less then 2.5 mill strength
  • IvanIvan
    Hello. Long time no see guys. Point Pursuit race has been discontinued on the IOS platform. I was wondering if this will be reinstated unto the game. It was a nice update to the game but know even the icon disappeared and with this new "Force" Update I don't see the PPC coming back.
  • KieranFKieranF
    I cant see it coming back. They did the Number Points game. Someone won the 2nd place prize package. Other then that most were only getting 4th place on it.

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