Mutable offenses on global chat
  • Just starting a discussion..

    On s1 on windows we have recently had a series of mutings for very odd offenses.. the main one being speaking any other language on global

    I have played for over 2 years here, and its never been an issue
  • I too have played for 746 days and it seems that the current batch of mods on Server 1 are taking things way to seriously.

    Mutes for posting hello in Spanish... seriously wtf... not to mention a 30 hour mute for commenting on the president gifting $1 in cash pack, amongst other things.

    Mods are happy to mute but will never reply to mails and yet they want to be taken seriously. The only reason 3/4 of the current mods are mods is to access free gold.

    This game started being a "mafia game" hence the name Mafia City being one of the apps you could access this game from, however the word "mafia" is a banned word, as are several other words which make no sense like demon (even though their is a weapon with such name).

    They have rules which are not in the chat rules section, instead found under help Q&A....

    Admin need to pull their finger out and do something before this game is destroyed and they lose the loyal members they have.

  • Found myself the brunt of the heavy handed moderation on the game. Yes the GAME its supposed to be fun to play. As for the English only rules for communication. Why is it we have Portuguese speaking Mods ....its bordering on racism.

    People are getting sick and fed up of the heavy handed rule of certain people.
    Have it stop or people will stop playing as it isn't any fun anymore!!!
  • Stupid how its called the global channel when it will discriminate against other languages to be used, not everyone speak English Spanish or Portuguese so them people will be excluded from a game because of this amd if you are going to change the rules have the decency to let people know instead of just updating a FAQ!
  • Oh but wait, you cant expect an answer off the head mod cause she doesn't speak
  • There will be changes happening
  • Well im since not allowed to speak my main languages on global i have a right to my own fkn chatroom dnt i..since some already do
    Otherwise its rascism
    And dats surely not allowed is it

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