Transfering items between servers
  • Juelz
    So i have accounts on both s1 and s2. At one point i wanted to transfer items to another player for money and it was the most difficult process ever. We were never on at the same time it seemed. Is there anyway this could be made easier? Also what about setting up a "rare item" baseline fee chart. For example you want to sell an item like a peacemaker but its lvled to high for anyone to afford or its taking to long for you to find a buyer. Well just like you can sell specs back to the system why not do the same thing with gear. So if you had to put in 100 palla to lvl that item why not sell it to the system for a price. Then put all sold Items up for "system auction" or create a museum of lvled gear as a show case even. Just a couple of thoughts. Sorry so long
  • I'll buy 3rd item equips!

    And add to museum!

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