Money Making In Wild secret??
  • Alright so the skills you will need is Hard bargainer ! Get it to about level 10 , Then there Is More and more skill get it as high as you can! Frequent flyer is optional. basically you take specialties From example London you buy whiskey and bring it to a close city and sell them about a profit of 100-400k . Buy the highest priced specialty in that city and fly back to example london . You can do this easy youll have 1-30 M a day have fun guys! Rember any citys you can do this!!
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  • You may also wish to buy and sell crime items aswell. Depending on what stage of crimes everyone is doing, they will need the items to do that. And more often than not they do not want to fly back and forth for 30 minutes collecting. Examples of high demanded items would be crow bars from vegas (sell at/around 5,000 each) or keyboards.
  • You don't make 100-400k profit from selling specialties, ive been doing it for a while now and ive never made that much, unless you wait a certain amount of time untill the value goes up, and that takes about mabey over and hour
  • Max ur hard bargainer skill and a fashionable bag helps also.
  • Where i have to sell stuffs ?? To the system or on my stall ?? Please reply...
  • Andrew
    To the system!
  • What server do you play on Andrew? iOS, Android, or Windows Phone?
  • DustyCake said:

    What server do you play on Andrew? iOS, Android, or Windows Phone?

    U can send a personal discussion to Andrew...
  • Andrew
    DustyCake said:

    What server do you play on Andrew? iOS, Android, or Windows Phone?

    Well I play on all of them a little bit with some fake names, but I don't really get time to play too much. :)
  • Easy and quick way on windows(I play on windows) server is to fly to Las Vegas. Buy bikes. Fly to wild city. Then put them on your stall for 10 000. People will buy them. When I used that method I made around 500 000 - 1 000 000 daily.
  • OWN
    great...or maybe max ur hard bargainer and more! skills. if u do specialities in europe u can easily make like 2-3 mil each hour. u cd even double that by flying w ur alt and sending specs to alt and sell from both ids in next City. but i think alt not allowed. ;)
    u cd as well start at xx:00 w potts in hk fly wc, fly lv fly wc, fly hk. in lv u buy electronics if some r left. selling Price of the stuff in wc i suggest electronics >50k and potts >110k. kinda depending on ur Banking Balance. that wd give u ~5mil/h as well. fashionable bag is no must have but wd help. adds like 1.5-2mil each hour if used properly. so after 2 weeks u kinda worked out the buying Price of round about 220mil atm (Windows 1).

    if u have good net u can go for sets as well. im too lazy to type how to do that, but ask in ur fam, someone will know. plus is, u dont have to use merits on hard bargainer skill.

    checkin auction house for cheap lvld stuff not throwin out big numbers, but still kinda worth to go for.

    Keep checkin wildmarket for systempriced items, newbies sometimes dont know that they can Change selling Price of f.e. tulips to 80k instead stallin for 50. 79950 Profit.

    if u highstat u can do Skyscraper for additional 10-12 pallas plus tons of gems that just Need some fillups to be converted to checks. or sell gems won in Skyscraper. whatever u do, its like additional 60-80mil each day.

    sorry for bad writing with many wrong placed capitol letters. win8 not allowing me writing proper english.

    btw its awesome to write tons of sentences w out havin fear that games crashes when u in the middle or almost done

    have some fun w those hints Thing wd be u wait few days til u get ur weekly 5k checks and use those to reset ur merits in shop->check items.
  • Good tips OWN, but I knew them already.

    But It might not be the best way for new players, because they don't have much money to do that.

    In short: buy low, sell high. :p.

    You wrote all that on phone o.o.
  • If you're a starter, then I suggest you trade mountain bikes. Buy mountain bikes from Las Vegas and sell them in wildmart (through your stall) at 5k-10k each. This would be good start up.

    After a while, you could start trading collection items (flowers, gems). Buy them from other cities and sell them in wildmart. You could make a lot money this way. Since these are valuable items, they usually get sold out quickly after reset.

    DO YOU KNOW WHAT RESET IS? It is when items in malls get restocked which happens once every hour.

    Try to get as many bag capacity as you can. Increase "more!" skill.
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  • To starters I suggest to trade Masks from Tokyo too =)
  • If you are in s2 of windows platform then selling me gems is also a nice way to earn lol
  • Amsterdam-London, then HK back to WC

    Also, it helps to have three or four accounts, all with Hard Bargain maxed and one account with MoneyMaker maxed out, then get a Fashionable Bag on all accounts. Easy 60-80M a day, which is what I make.
  • 0.0 I only do Cairo-Amsterdam and make 400-600k without FB too expensive for me :(
  • 1. Collect flowers and gems from any cities other than wild city and sell them through stall.
    2. Max Hard Bargainer Skill (once done, max More skill)
    3. Buy a trolley or travel suitcase, buy speciality (pottery) from Hong Kong and sell them at wild city warehouse to system when its at a profitable price.
    4. save cash, buy a fashionable bag, buy and sell specialities between either Rome - London or Amsterdam - Cairo.
    1. Buy gold - convert to cash. lol
  • KieranFKieranF

    If you buy/collect gold you would make more money opening iron chests from the Tokyo Hideout using the keys that cost 20 gold per one. Sell the Palla you get.
  • KieranFKieranF
    When I started out i would collect 100 crow bars from las vegas and put them on my stall. I used some gold to open more stalls so I could put more on. Then I carried on flying back and forth collecting them and restocking them. ALWAYS undercut WM prices lol
  • Well I'm lv 66 does this count as starting out XD? do you think I should sell crow bars at this lv
  • KieranFKieranF
    Lol if you need to then yes but at your level I would of though you had maxed out your carry skill and hard barginer skill?
  • I have max HB money maker and bag space now
  • If you're new to this game and would like to earn money fast. First find a family that's willing to take you in. Family perks are a great way to help you when you're new to this game. Next select the path you wish to do spec or collect, ect. spec resets at xx:00:04 on every hour and resets change every 23 hours in game time, but will hit on that minute every hour of the day. In order to find reset you must stalk mall every minute of the first hour figure what minute it will land on. Collection is a ideal way of making gold and checks which will help you; or you can just sell it off stall or to trusted buyers. Remember to get some medals in for skill perks this will help you attain more skill perks. Thanks.

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