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  • Andy
    I cant find anything that gives a breakdown of how speed + accuracy interact with evasion + dex and all the rest.

    I'm basically guessing what is good to train. I buy gold and grind events to stat up it would be great if I could do some maths.

    Any chance a Dev can post the relevant formula please, this would be really appreciated. Thanks.
  • What ive learnt is, if want to sure attack be pure speed and strength maybe little defence.
    Dex type = Full dex little speed and some strength no defence needed
    those are best i think
  • Its all confusing, it will be alright :D
  • Or follow mike and be weak ^_^
  • StriderStrider
    Not sure if it's the relevant formula but from my breakdown of the game and calculatations (which are many) it is simply
    "(Speed* Accuracy) / (Dex*Evasion)" for the hit percentage formula.
    To see who goes first its Speed*Accuracy compared to the defending player.
    ...and then it's the same for the other things you want to see.
    Haven't done h.p per level up yet.

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