• Hi, im playing Wild city in wp and have there arose a doubt.
    My question is: Because i have 250k on dexterity and Soccer boots lv5 and one player with 140k accuracy equiped World cup lv5 beat me? same family, same ability...
  • did they have more health than you? did they do lessons to increase melee weapon profiency? did they attach merits to the weapon profiency skill? there are so many factors that could change the course of a fight.
  • 110k more dex and the player hit me? i have more 10% dex skill and other player 9-10 and beat me lol?
  • ArunArun
    Yeah its true . Its supposed to be like this . As dexterity is the most advanced workout , through which u can dodge all attacks without losing any health or cash to treat it again nd again . So it has been made like this .

    100 k speed player can defeat 200 k dex player with proper equipments . Also world cup has high accuracy . Nd maybe he is using a ncc or smething . Critical hits also affects a lot . They can get u in one shot with ncc due to low health .
  • ArunArun
    Moreover i think its fair . As usually dex players only concentrates on their dex . But def type have to concentrate on their speed , strength nd defense . Its 3 for them which is a long way . primary aim of dex players is Dexterity . All other stats comes afterwards . Stat up ur dex more lol
  • even if ur dex*evasion > his acc*speed, doesnt mean he cant hit u. it just decreases his chances. after testing a lot im pretty sure, u gotta have ~30% more dex*eva then he has acc*speed to not get hit w 2nd 5th or even 25th shot
  • Very interesting :)>-

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