Gaming language
  • My game language switched to Chinese after an update! How can I switch back to English??
  • If I remembered correctly, there's no option in-game to change the game language (Biz Center > Option > No language option) and I assume your phone's user interface is still using the language you've set before (not Chinese)?

    Tried to reinstall the game yet?
    Just remember to make notes of your name ID/player ID/email and password in-game before reinstalling as you're gonna need them when you're done reinstalling and needed to logging in the game later on..
  • Thanks sar' . Language problem in skysc and some other places! Reinstallation solved it ;)
  • Ah glad that worked out well for you Prab!
    I might need to reinstall mine too then, Skyscraper's info language are hard for me to understand too lol
  • I wonder why GA still didn't make you mod! You help every where!
  • Well, the gaming language changes when phone language changes! If anyone got problem, pls change your phone language! My problem araised coz after windows update i switched to local language (Tamil) which is not avail in game, so gotta random language (Chinese)
  • Glad it all worked out in the end Prabha! ^_^b

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