Request to admin
  • This is my request to the admin that plz unblock the device n a/c of sanjutrip from mafia city game
  • Sanjutrip from Windows server?
    But he'sa very famous person for not a good reason, he pervs and acts in an extremely disrespectful way towards female players there...
  • He is actually not like that.. and he would not repeat... he's my cousin and I need his stuff as I new and he has lot of money ;)
  • Well he might've been a different guy irl, but he does act that way in-game. And that's what matters from the GA point of few.
    Good luck in your endeavour trying to lift his device ban then ^_^b
  • its ok wd me if he's allowed fr one day... he dsnt lyk d game much so he wont play neways... i just want his stuff ;)
  • Probably his new account ^^
  • lol Prabha xD
    Are by chance Prabha who plays on Windows server? O.o
  • his device is banned prabha... he cnt play lol
  • lol
  • If a player is device banned, they cant play unless they update windows

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