• I Have a little over 50 screenshots that show Afrodite showing favoritism towards players which have been around
    for a while, vs myself who has only been playing a week or so. She stripped my character of his channel priviledges
    for "ignoring the filter" while she was trying to settle a dispute between other players in which they were ignoring
    the filter as well. For over an HOUR she gave them warnings and tried to calm them down, yet she never once spoke
    to me or warned me before muting me. Even 30 mins after I was muted the dilemma was ongoing and she took no
    actions against anyone else in the chat session who were clearly ignoring the filter, insulting one another, using
    derogatory racial remarks against one another and so on. Is this what we are to expect from a "Moderator"? I have sent feedback with no reply or action taken, and only after confronting Afrodite on the channel with an alternate character did
    she finally tell me why my channel privileges were revoked, even though there were people at that very moment "ignoring the filter" on the same flight session which I was talking on. I have screenshots of her still on that channel overlooking well after this still giving warning to the same players, while I'm muted. THIS is Favoritism. THIS is discrimination and abuse of
    power. I have all of the screenshots saved, and if actions are not taken to A: Reimburse me for thus wrong doing, B: Remove Adrodite from the list of Moderators (not a name change), and C: ensure your moderators are fair to all players I am prepared to take extreme measures to see justice and equality served.
  • Afrodite is not biased. You must not judge her in doing her job. She has rules to follow as all mods do. She has never acted unfairly nor has a reason to.
  • Moderators are not required to give individual warnings, it's a courtesy if they do. I'm sorry you feel that you were treated unjustly but if warnings were given to the rest of chat an individual warning is not needed to mute. An email stating the purpose of the mute should have been sent and I'm sure admin will address the issues. But demanding reimbursement for not being able to chat for a brief period of time, when game play wasn't affected? Sorry to be harsh but that won't happen. Do not break the rules and you will not get reprimanded for said actions. If there is enough proof to call the mod biased the administration will remove said mod from duty.
  • Hehe, Simple advice for you:
    Don't break rules.
  • Sound advice.
  • That guy is one of the players on S3 who break rules then moan when punished.
  • I have plenty of screenshots proving she acted biased in this. Mu second week playin, first encounter with a moderator and I get muted while others are sitting there for hours doing the same thing I get muted for, with no consequence? Who should I send all these screenshots to? I'm sorry but if her friends can break ALL the chat rules continuously for hours and het warning after warning after warning with no action taken, yet a new player is reprimanded without a word ever being said to them it is biased, showing favoritism, and does not look well for "moderators" to us new players. SHE NEVER ONCE WARNED ANYONE ABOUT IGNORING THE FILTER WHICH IS WHAT I WAS MUTED FOR, my screenshots are all the proof you'll need to see I was treated unfair by this so called "moderator".
  • Ana does warn... She always does.
    If she asks you to stop, stop. A mod being there should stop you alone.
  • That's why when I said something about it last might she got hushmouth huh?
  • She didn't ask me to stop.. I had to harass her for an answer as to WHY I was muted..
  • Because she doesn't fully understand English. If you start having a go at her or try having a lengthy talk with her she will not understand it and ignore it.

    Also, you said she gave a group warning? That goes for everyone.
  • You wanna see the 2 hours worth of screenshots? And no she was warning two people who were fighting, being racist and ignoring the filter to stop fighting, and spammers to stop spamming. Never said a word about any filter.
  • Kik me - LeCharChar.

    I will be able to tell you if she was in the right.
  • I know she wasn't. I'll dl kik and proove it
  • I'll be waiting. :)
  • Kik me too.

    ..Char, what's my kik. ~_~
  • LeRavenous I think.... You stole my idea. >:(
  • Kik me char ^_^
  • Don't have your kik
  • CakeCake
    Ooo char giving out her kik. Gonna get weirdos like me messaging her.
  • Go for it hehe. I know where the block button is. :p
  • CakeCake
    Trust me you wouldn't. I'm a good weird. Lol
  • Proof needed. :')
  • CakeCake
    Hmm. Thought this was proof enough.
  • I like how this conversation has turned from a rant about mods to mods over taking it ahahaha. :')
  • CakeCake
    Oops. Lol. I'm just a chatty cakey
  • But I did look at the screenshots and there was nothing wrong, she gave a warning to the whole flight chat to be peaceful. Plus I was in that flight. He's told me he's going to take extreme measures that will not be good for the game. :s
  • CakeCake
    I agree with random though. Getting so riled up just because he was stopped from chatting for a period of time for breaking the rules is pretty extreme.
  • Yeah, it's silly. I've been muted before, just gotta suck it up.
  • CakeCake
    I've been muted but only to see if you weren't able to talk in ads. I'm not saying I'm a saint. I just know the limits.
  • I used to spam. :p
  • CakeCake
    I can't stand spamming so I never myself did it.
  • I dont see any decent reason to spam. Also I've never got muted. That's pretty much 'cause you can say like anything without getting muted on s3, because mods don't understand English. O:-)
  • Not for long.
  • ^_~
  • Hmmmm great....drama on forums too....awesome carry on guys
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