Alt accounts good or bad
  • Do you think having an alt is a good or a bad thing
  • Good and bad, good as you can make money bad as you have to spend more time on game haha
  • The only thing I use my alts to do is spec runs and events other than that I never use them
  • I think alts are good :) being able to make more money etc...
  • AbhiAbhi
    :o I thought they were bad :p
  • Abhi said:

    :o I thought they were bad :p

    No just you and your alts :)
  • AbhiAbhi
  • Aaaaaah I didn't know who u were retreat ^~^ Kirito o/ xD
  • Haha yeah don't want to create new account but put KiritoS3 as wild city name
  • I didn't look at ur profile til yesterday lol. Kirito was enough for me to guess I was u xD
  • You are me O.o
  • AbhiAbhi
    lol.. *It :))
  • Thanks abhi it* xD
  • ja1lbird
    Very good, collectors hahah and warehouse space
  • They are very good for collecting ^_^
  • Free servants ;)
  • Having a couple of alts is okay. But people with 6 accounts are a bit crazy.
  • they are a on command collections grabber! build sets and gift bulk back to main. . .

    whats the official ruling on alts?

    heard official rules are 10 per email?!
    agreed w char on crazy people with 30 accounts /o\

    blin was just mentioning that earlier on global chat...
    I like alts *-* i had 3 accs
  • krish
    lol u cant handle too much alt, 2 alts are okay in my point of view. ;))
  • ThornThorn
    Lol... 30 accounts.. what the xD

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