Improvement Ideas!
  • Catalina said:

    IWhy server 3 can't be on ios it sucks I have to start all over on a sucky server ios server really suck it should be where everyone can join and interact with each other no matter what phone is use

    Imagine so many people trying to catch reset lol
  • AbhiAbhi
  • In GTA game we have a status showing different tittles for us according to our activities in game and progress so how about giving players according to their activities here also like a guy good in gambling should get a name like that someone whose flies too much can get a tittle according to it :)
    Tried to ne simple I hope you can understand what I meant lol
  • ArunArun
  • Marine
    How about allowing duel welding of weapons? :x
    It would be hood and give a wide range of weapons. Cuz many people having same weapon is boring... And also giving aliases to weapon/armour lvl5+
  • freshfresh
    a special ability after a weapon/armor has reached a certain level would be cool
  • freshfresh
    also does anybody know when the next GOOD event will be? ive been back online about a month, and only alien invasion :-w
  • ArunArun
    First week of June probably . There is something lol I don't remember its name tho .
  • Valentine
    atmu5fear said:

    Hey all. Ive got a trading system improvement idea. We all know its reccomended to trade in stalls vs outside of them, but when trades come up where cash isnt involved, ie my lvl 4 _____ and 25 palla for your lvl 6 _____, stalls just don't work. So I think a trade locker system would be a perfect solution. Once a deal is agreed upon via mail, FAM chat etc etc, open a trade session, player one puts his weapon and palla in, player 2 puts his weapon in, if both parties are happy with the trade, click accept and the items trade. If not, click cancel and get your stuff back. Scam proof system ;)

    Amazing idea! Why hasn't this been put in the game yet?
  • CuJoCuJo
    I like that idea , Nice one !
  • game needs more stuff...

    like, godzilla, he only pays top 3 people? 3??? a global event in a game with 10,000 players, and it pays 3? Only 49 people participated yesterday. Thats a shame that contest was programmed and is not even being used.

    And event bosses, the rewards are always the same... a 500 happiness vehicle and weapon/armor with about 200 stats. How about adding a 2nd tier of items for 2000 or 3000 tokens with 300 stats or 1000 happiness (they have existed in the past anyway)

    I am patiently running specs, accumulating a warchest, but there has been nothing worth buying for months... Last thing I recall was the tortoise car with a whopping 600 happiness. Its getting a bit boring that there is nothing to work towards.
  • freshfresh
    i agree. we need an event thats a bit different and not guaranteed to be won by the top players.. us little guys play the game too
  • cortana voice support!
    (for windoZe platform)
    ok google for android
    and siri for those apple / IOS nuts!
  • ability to melt palla on gold boxed equip items to upgrade its stats.
  • robbing ranking in ladder!

    for and to some people they enjoy robbing others.

    fortunately i have free banking, so it no longer effects me.

    it'd probably be safe to say on windows server2 yourneighbor would probably be #1!

    successful times robbed
    amount of $ robbed
    & maybe the fails, too?
  • How about adding something like a fam slogan in manor?
    Just like we can write bio in our profile we should be able to do the same in fam it would be more attractive and expressive.
    And what about adding a feature of giving nickname to your weapon when you place it in display
  • join all platforms such as Android, IOS, and Windows together?

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