• I want to make more money cos i came back now. What's the easiest way of making money? I don't want to make sets, or sell on stall. Another way?
  • doin specs from each city is always a good way to make money pottery from hong kong is a good way or if u do specs from cairo to amsterdam and visa versa
  • If only little cash I recommend Vegas specs for while
  • If you're a starter, then I suggest your trade mountain bikes. Buy mountain bikes from Las Vegas and sell them in wildmart (through your stall) at 5k-10k each. This would be good start up.

    After a while, you could start trading collection items (flowers, gems). Buy them from other cities and sell them in wildmart. Since these are valuable items, they usually get sold out quickly after reset.

    DO YOU KNOW WHAT RESET IS? It is when items in malls get restocked which happens once every hour.

    Try to get as many bag capacity as you can. Increase "more!" skill.
  • inot15inot15
    Mountain bikes are great way to go when starting. If you are selling your bikes for 1-8k I will buy them all ;).

    You can buy them from Las Vegas for just 18-30 dollars each.
    It takes 5 minutes to fly from Wild city to Las Vegas and back another 5 minutes.

  • Buy gold
    spin wheel
    sell items
  • SamusSamus
    LOL Being a wallet warrior is not an option for everyone. Best way to earn cash is mountain bikes then buying Electronics in Vegas. Impossible to get pots in hong kong because they are gone in 30 seconds. Spec running between cities with max bag space and max hard bargain skill is the fasted way to make cash, other than collecting and selling flower and gem sets.
  • ArunArun
    Rome ~ London
    Cairo ~ Amsterdam
    Both good spec routes . U can earn like 50 m in a day with max hb , bag space nd fashionable bag . But yeah spec running is for those who has time. Collecting gems or flowers for those who doesn't . U can just set alarms for resets . I used to do that when I was busy . Its really works haha nd u don't need a fashionable bag for that . But yeah ur internet connection should be good or u LL get lags in resets . That way u wont catch anything . U have to be fast . I used to make like 100 flower sets in 3 days so it was easy 80 m for me . U can also sell crime tools like chloroform , usually high I demand . Good luck :D
  • Always sell chloroform yes. U.u
    The police always take mine away. >_>
  • So, would I make more money selling specialties to other cities besides Wild City? Like selling a specialty from, say, Cairo and then selling it in Amsterdam as opposed to hauling it all the way back to Wild City? Wild City can sell it for profit, but it's hardly much of anything. Though, I have found that Water Lillys and Tulips sell quick and for a high price. I made 5M in one day doing only those two.
  • Shae
    Cairo - Amsterdam -> buy from Cairo and sell in Amsterdam and the other way around, same for London - Rome.You can do pottery also; sell it in WC when it has the highest price.
  • freshfresh
    you have 2 choices really. for specs, sell in the nearest city to where youre buying. but for flowers, buy from all cities until you have 100 of each flower and sell them as sets. will only take around 5 mins to sell the lot for around 80 mill (depending on server)

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