• Syko84
    So, I was recently introduced to the concept of buy and selling specialties to and from the system. I have been doing Hong Kong and Vegas. What are some other cities that you can make good money real fast with? I want to get a variety of places so I can make a little more money a little quicker. Thank you in advance.
  • Shae
    Cairo - Amsterdam, the best route from my point of view.
    You can try also Rome - London.
    Cheers! ;)
  • Syko84
    Cairo to Amsterdam huh? Hmm, I will have to try that one, I think that's only a few minute flight. I have an alt on the way to Rome, so I may give London a try as well, thanks for the tip.
  • ThornThorn
    Cairo <-> Amsterdam is about 10 minutes (regular flight time). ^^
  • Cairo<-> Ams. Is the best for specs..

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