game idea #1
  • add in kik username to profile.
    if players wish to get in touch with someone, they can!
    have checkbox if user desires to be hidden, and NOT display their kik username.

    if mod/admin needs to contact game player to address any issues its a faster response time !
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  • freshfresh
    you can put your kik username into your bio if you wanted to. would be pointless to set it up to just have a section in profile for ur kik name
  • i use that spot already for other custom information.

    setting it up TBH is rather simple. (@fresh)
    its just a additional label & textbox with a linking into the profile table within the games database!

  • and btw @fresh.
    i HAD to like that, because it was funny!
  • freshfresh
    what other custom info do you put into it? ijs if you want to let people have ur kik info, then thats the place to put it
  • ThornThorn
    buckheep said:

    if mod/admin needs to contact game player to address any issues its a faster response time !

    Would be cool if it were integrated into the game but... to be honest I think there are a lot of other more pressing issues - like the one you mentioned above. Response time and communication is really poor even with major issues.
  • Marine
    That's the worst idea I have heard
    Looks like you dont know about what kind of people can come to know about your kik and other information
    I think its better if we get notifications for mails in our game and nothing more.
    Contacting to people is a important with the point of view of team work and a mail in game is sufficient
  • KieranFKieranF
    Kik is a nightmare and so unorganised. I use to use it for mod duties but now I just use email. Much, much, much better!

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