Game idea #2
  • integrate forums into app!

    give us a more simplistic ability to interact with obtaining information!
    rather than close out of game, to open forum website..
    just shell a smaller browser version inside the application!

    itd cut down on mundane mail to GA/MODS asking for information that is already otherwise posted.

    ability to search, post and reply to forums, also increases knowledgebase of forum for game!!
  • if you like this idea, click like, and also post feedback to GA!
  • another spin off, is to also have recent/popular posts within that tab/window of application in forums area,,
  • shelling a browser tab, or portal to forum from within the game
  • it seems to have very low user traffic on this forum.

    Id imagine if forum was accessible directly in game, maybe people might be alittle more active to explore & participate in forum discussions, say while on flight, etc!

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