Game idea #3
  • after this "rogue mod" issue that had occurred on windows server 2 that had since departed.

    muting policies need to be relooked at.
    and also a more simplistic removal of a unjust mute, too!
    (2 other mod vote, or any other streamlined idea)
    it keeps less traffic,mail, spam, etc off of GA feedback, and lets mods better manage happenings of the game on that particular platform & server.

    no game rules were broken, no reasons given, and to have a "for-no-reason-at all" mute on a profile is not fair game play!

  • BTW if you like these ideas, click like, and also send feedback to GA too!
  • lol
  • ey, prab...its worth a shot!
  • need proactive measures and a better solution to that particular hole in the processes
  • ThornThorn
    If it happened to you, you'd be thinking the same bud.
    This definitely needs to be looked at.
  • Marine
    Lol if you think like that then I think its rare to find one mod when someone is spamming at global many times and now you want 2 mods to agree on muting someone?
    It would make muting impossible lol

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